Official Death Thread


Yet another Philippine government official is rubbed out by silent assassins. This one was found dead sitting in his own office.

There was a time the assassinations were sloppy affairs. People riding on motorbikes with pistols shooting at Targets in vehicles and just running away under a hail of bodyguard gunfire.

Now it’s like the Angel of Death is just plucking these guys out.


Mr. Reynolds has gone.

Last time I saw him was with his interpretation of himself in SR The Third.


He had an amazing screen presence, for sure. I wonder whether he’d finished filming his scenes for Tarantino’s new film.


One can only hope. If not, I guess they can apply something like with the cases of Carrie Fisher or Paul Walker.


He’s had much better roles for sure but I’ll personally remember him as Avery Carrington from Vice City.




Evil House Sparrow. Ballistic Kill. Crime Noticed (by two Tree Swallows).

Concerned Tree Swallow nurturer carries out a hit to get rid of evil House Sparrow that was bullying Tree Swallows which were being given homes to help control disease carrying insects.

House Sparrow Assassin explains precautions he took to ensure the hit did not endanger other homes or bystanders. Asserts he will kill more House Sparrows if needed for so long as they menace Tree Swallows who cannot defend themselves.


"In perhaps their most daring act, they seduced their targets in taverns or bars, asked if they wanted to ‘go for a stroll’ in the forest — and ‘liquidated’ them, as Ms. Oversteegen put it, with a pull of the trigger.

‘We had to do it,’ she told one interviewer. ‘It was a necessary evil, killing those who betrayed the good people.’ When asked how many people she had killed or helped kill, she demurred: 'One should not ask a soldier any of that."


She was a topic during my philosophy classes. It is easy to decide if what she did was right or wrong. The tougher thing is to actually live in that place and time.


Holy sh*t…

“Burge led a ‘midnight crew’ of rogue detectives accused of torturing more than 100 suspects, mostly black men, from 1972 to 1991, in order to secure confessions. His alleged victims were shocked with cattle prods, smothered with typewriter covers and had guns shoved in their mouths …one alleged victim said Burge was so cruel that he laughed while he tortured him.”


I guess he wasn’t the most loved man huh.
It is weird that you sometimes hear such stuff not when it came to the surface but instead in articles after the guy died. Not that I would be old enough to know him. Then again, I wouldn’t wonder if his behaviour was known the whole time he was in duty.



R.I.P. Carlos Ezquerra.


Legendary Commodore 64 video game composer Ben Daglish has passed away.


who is robin williams?


Just one of the best actors who ever lived.



That is unduly harsh. Paul Allen donated enormous amounts of his personal money to charities and has helped make sports like Gridiron (American Football) safer for all of its players or at least those in the American Pacific North-West


Whitey Bulger, convicted of 11 murders, killed immediately after Prison transfer.

Bulger had too many enemies to count as Bulger routinely would inform on his own associates, sending them into jail.

Melee Kill. Crime Noticed.