Official Death Thread


RIP Stan Lee :frowning:


No fucking way! I thought he’s invicible!


He’s now one with the force, RIP Mr. Lee. He lived a long and interesting life, one can not deny that. He created one of my favorite childhood heros, Spider-man.


RIP Stan, you were by all accounts truly excelsior!


Rip Stan Lee. I really hoped he was actually immortal.


Fuck you, universe.
All the original Spider-Man creators are now dead.

Geez, these next last :sob: few cameo apparences of his are going to be devastating. He’s filmed 'em up until… What? At least Avengers 4, I think.

Excelsior, Stan.


Damn. This makes me sad now.


I wasn’t prepared for this. I’m going to miss looking for his cameos in the next Marvel films.


RIP Stan Lee, one of the best!



The creator of Spongebob Squarepants has died.


I know, I had seen the IGN article about it (in true clueless IGN fashion they used an image used in the “no body cares” meme but luckily changed it). Seriously fuck ALS


IGNorant doing their thing as always.


Well it was not ignorance the actual meme was from Spongebob talking about imagination and the importance of using it kind of like Simon Hillenburg




Isreali author and peace activist Amos Oz (A Tale of Love and Darkness) has died.

It is a shame he never got that Nobel Literature prize.


mean gene okerlund from pro wrestling died another person left and is looking down from the heavens


Karl Lagerfeld died today in paris.


Damn. I remember him hosting the disco/proto-house station from GTA IV. I mean I know he is a fashion icon but I am not a fashion guy.