Official Death Thread


Just when you thought 2016 couldn’t screw with you any more…

RIP Carrie


Fuck that year, seriously, fuck it. I was sure, I was SO SURE that George Michael would be the last victim of grim reaper this year, he goes and takes two celebs in two days. Goddammit now I’m somewhere between pissed, triggered and devastated… I keep thinking about what will become of her in episodes VIII/IX.


She has apparently already completed all her scenes for the next movie, so that will be … weird and poignant seeing her in Episode VIII.


Wonder what about IX though. Will there be an opening crawl with “Princess Leia died” in it? That would be brutal.


Well, they’re not sure about that. Apparently she and Luke had a pretty major role in IX.

[quote]Technically, though, we don’t know for sure that Leia doesn’t die in Episode VIII and that comments like Trevorrow’s were not merely intended to keep this surprise intact. But assuming the plan as of last week was for Carrie Fisher to be in both Episode VIII and Episode IX, Disney is now presented with several equally distressing options.

First, they could recast Leia Organa. This is often the go-to solution in these sorts of situations, such as when Dumbledore actor Richard Harris died in between Harry Potter movies …

The second option is to just cut Leia Organa out of Episode IX, giving her original role to another character and explaining her absence through dialogue …

A potential third option is one that is only now becoming available to movie studios: Fisher’s likeness could be digitally recreated using CGI. After all, Disney just premiered Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in which Peter Cushing appears as Grand Moff Tarkin even though Cushing died in 1994. A CGI Carrie Fisher shows up in that movie too …[/quote]


Episode 9 could be kinda fucked right now. I suspect Leia and Kylo would share some scenes.


The worst thing is that her mother is still alive, at 84. It’s horrible that Carrie’s mom has to see her daughter get buried.


Didn’t see anyone post this yet, but Michael Massee died October 20th.


Other important people who died in 2016:
Roger Y. Tsien
Known for:
Discovery and Development of Green florescent protein.
(Also has a Nobel Prize in Chemistry)
Ray Tomlinson
The Inventor of Email.


Don’t forget Johan Cruyff


Also Vera Rubin, who is credited with discovering the first evidence of Dark Matter.


I kinda saw it coming that Carrie Fisher would die when the news story broke out about her heart attack, so it was no surprise yesterday when i found out he had passed. She lived a rough life with an addiction to cocaine and prescription medicin. The princess of Alderaan will be missed.


And now Debbie Reynolds, the mother of Carrie Fisher, has died just a couple days days after her daughter did.

Shit, we’ve still got three days left in the year. Who’s next? Keith Richards? Clint Eastwood?


Wow it’s almost like she died of a broken heart, that or someone is bumping them off for their inheritance :speak_no_evil:.


Jon Polito on September 1st. :cry:


Professional wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka died yesterday.


RIP Gabe the dog

Sleep tight, pupper




:sob: R.I.P


I have no idea who “Gabe” the dog is, i feel like i missed something internet major.