Official Death Thread


Miguel Ferrer has died only 61 years old…




One minute of silence for a fallen brother :sob:


I’ll always remember him as that asshole FBI agent from Twin Peaks.


He was a great actor and if you are going to watch Twin Peaks this year, then you will see him at least in this season:


A good friend of my uncle just died.


RIP John Hurt.




The jazz/soul music world lost another legend today with the passing of Al Jarreau. This man’s music was part of the soundtrack to my childhood and later on he was a big inspiration to me musically.
I was fortunate enough to catch an incredible live performance last year at a local casino.
Here’s a live version of a favorite song of mine. Some of the first bit may make some of you go “huh?” The song picks up after the first minute or so. Jazz improvisation genius. RIP Al Jarreau.


47 died today as he entered a hotel lobby armed with two silverballers and started shooting around. He then got shot by security. RIP 47. Also RIP the many guests and security guards.


Bill Paxton died today. Everyone watch “Twister” or “Aliens”


Gutted. He had so many memorable roles.



Check him out in Nightcrawler! He’s also great in Hatfields and McCoys.


I would prefer to remember him fondly.


Bill Paxton was great wherever he was, very likeable person, just take Edge of Tomorrow for example, small role but his acting is superb. This is a very rare occasion were I actually feel sad about a Hollywood figure.



Classic line that Bill Paxton had in this small part in The Terminator that I still use all the time… “This guy’s a couple cans short of a six pack.” Lol


The character’s last lines were pretty clever too!


Kim Jong Nam

-Poison Kill (VX Nerve Agent)
-Unnoticed Kill
-Accident Kill

+Assassin apparently disguised/swapped deadly VX Nerve Agent with a bottle of “Baby Oil” then deceived an innocent woman into rubbing the poison into the Target’s face as part of a “Reality TV Show” gag. The woman only later discovered she had been tricked into taking part in an assassination.


Haha! Yes they were!