Official Death Thread


I’m pretty sure the assassin was spotted.


Well not if she tricked another into doing it for her, probably also disguised herself to some degree making it harder to identify her.


That’s the point… SHE was not the Assassin. Right now it appears like she was fooled into applying the poison to the Target.

But in other reports it appears that Police are stretching the dragnet to other guys, as it seems like they have yet to “Exit the Map”.

Talk about Professional Difficulty.

Reports also indicate the VX poison was split into two parts that “mixed within the Target once both are applied”. The purpose clearly was so that the elements were not lethal to any of the Assassins but would be deadly “within the Target”.


Wow, this made me sad :sob: rest in peace Chuck Berry.

Chuck Berry has died, at least he lived a long and a good life, 90 years old.




That acutally makes me beary sad. He was such a cool singer. At least his legacy will live. Stil…

This guy also was 90 years old and died yesterday. Too good to be a coincidence.


Without Chuck Rock & Roll would not have been the same. True pioneer! RIP


Omg he stole that song from Marty McFly! But any how rest in peace old timer.


My lovely buddy, my friend to talk with, my canary has passed away yesterday morning. :cry: He was seven years old and was called Piet (Pete in english). He always used to whistley when I walked by. He was always so happy when I gave him a little treat. When I was bored I went by and sat next to him. Now it’s all over. I’m gonna miss you my friend. My partner in crime.


Actor Powers Boothe has died. He played in Tombstone and Deadwood, and he also played Benjamin Travis in Hitman:Absolution.


What the…? Why on earth is people doing stupid things like this? :rage:.

But i’m glad to hear Powers Boothe is alive and kicking :smiley:.


Looks like he’s really dead.


Uhm. Literally a fake news site. It generates fake articles based on a chosen actor.


Okay so he is dead? I can’t find any sites claiming this is fake news, except


He is dead. Mediamass is not legit news.


Well I’ll be, I heard it somewhere else and that just happened to be the first one I stumbled upon. I’ll delete.


Don’t forget Southern Comfort (1981) and Red Dawn (1984).



“We need a scalpel, not a hammer.”



Man, that’s a shame to hear :disappointed:

RIP “Mr. Travis” the money has been wired to your account…


Damn, now I have to go watch Deadwood again. What a great villain he was. RIP Cy Tolliver.