Official Death Thread


For Fucks Sake


Damn, 2017 is turning out to be just as bad as 2016 :anguished:



imagine if we can do this kind of scenario in Hitman games…


Prolific Voice Actor John Cygan died at 63.
I knew him best as Solidus Snake.


Gutted about Chris Cornell man, RIP.


Coop Multiplayer! :imp::heart_eyes:

They would have to be missions impossible for a single player to perform though such that it necessitates people bringing lots of different load-outs and having specific roles (not even dictated by the game but decided within the team).

Like, if your brought the CX Explosive and Ducks, your job is to blow open the door or weak walls. Someone will have brought something else, and then unique items for the mode like 2-part poisons or Ladders that can be linked/stacked then propped up to vault over unvaultable walls or unreachable heights (but for which only one section can be brought by one player at a time) - and these guys stack the ladder so that the guy who brought the Seiger 300 can get to an unreachable vantage point, etc.


Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond in six films throughout the 70s and 80s, has died aged 89.


Roger Moore have died 89 years old:

Rest in peace Roger Moore :cry:.


Jesus Christ, what is going on these days? The Grim Reaper is working very hard lately. :frowning:
Even though he was one of my least favourite Bond actors, I still enjoyed watching his movies. RIP Roger Moore :cry:


He is my Second favourite bond to Connery although Roger stars in some of my favourite Bond movies. A View To A Kill and Live and Let Die.
R. I. P Moore. What a crap day.


2017 be like “You think you were the worst, 2016? Hold my beer”.


I had a soft spot for Roger Moore’s Bond for sure, even if it was a kinda goofy portrayal. The Spy Who Loved Me was one of my favourite films as a kid.


Yesterday died Zbigniew Wodecki, wonderful Polish artist, musician and composer… RIP.


Rest in peace Gregg Allman :cry:.


RIP Adam West.,0,214,317_AL.jpg


Nooooo! West was my favorite Batman. :sob:
Excuse me while I drown my sorrows in 60s Batman series :cry:


RIP Adam West.


FUCK! Why do they have to take all the greats away?


Today one of my favourite italian comic actors is dead. I don’t think not italians could know him. His name is Paolo Villaggio. I grew up with his movies and his characters and still today I laugh watching him. I always feel bad when an artist I grew up with dies