Official Death Thread


George Romero… Damn. This one hit pretty hard. Magnificent director.


I was literally talking about him yesterday. :sob: Night, Day, and Dawn of the Dead are some of the best zombie movies ever made.
He’s legendary and a big inspiration for film making to me. I’m gonna miss him.
George A. Romero. The father of modern zombies.


2017 is a real mean son of a bitch…


His films are often heavily criticised for their bludgeoning social commentary, but that was honestly my favourite thing about ol’ George. Despite enduring a lot of mockery for his heavy handed approach to it, he continued to stuff his movies full of criticism and commentary on racism, sexism, classism, consumerism, capitalism, military worship and patriarchy. He routinely cast women and people of colour in leading roles, and shunned stereotypical representations. No apologies made.

RIP George, you goddamn trailblazer.


Very sad news for Hitman Sniper :cry:

But on a good note, very cool pictures…


So was 2016…


That kinda reminds me of the Call of the Dead poster
I always fealt like CoD Zombies got alot inspiration from George. Nacht Der Untoten was as close to Night of the Living Dead as possible. That feeling of impending death wasn’t really matched. When they got him on board as a small part for Call of the Dead DLC i was immediately excited.

That ending with George was so legendary when I first saw it.


For fuck sakes…


89 years old - Quite the innings.


R.I.P. “Steve” - a security robot at a Washington DC office building.
Accident Kill, Unnoticed Kill.


Not a big fan of Linkin Park but it’s still unfortunate to hear that their lead singer had succumbed to depression.

This has not been a good week for celebrities.


Damn, that’s messed up. I liked their first album as a teenager. Guy was a good vocalist. RIP.


Well fuck. I know Hybrid Theory and Meteora more or less by heart.
Linkin Park, and by extension Chester Bennington, was a large part of my early twenties.

I had been meaning to give their new album a listen, I guess it will be a different experience now.


I have ‘Somewhere I Belong’ and ‘Numb’ on my running playlist, so I listen to these guys like 5 days a week. I have had two friends who have committed suicide and it wasn’t easy to experience. My thoughts go to his friends and family, the internet tells me he left a wife and six children.


I’ve never really liked Linkin Park, but this loss, each loss is a sad one. Rest in peace.


Gutted, not really listened to much of their new stuff, but Hybrid theory & Meteora where albums I grew up too! such a great talent as well RIP


John Heard from “Home Alone” died today.


Wow, I just saw this myself a few moments ago. That’s a shame, I didn’t realize he was that old. Well I don’t mean he was old but you know what I mean…

But yeah that’s a shame, I couldn’t picture anybody else as "Kevin’s Dad"


It’s a bit odd to bring up Romero again but he was an inspiration for film to me growing up. Saw this vid that came out today. I can agree with alot he is saying.


Fuck. I always watch that movie at Christmas. It’ll never be the same.