Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


I was seeing this a lot as well on Xbox. Did you notice that if you go left (for example) behind a door to break their FOV and stay next to a trashcan or something, they’ll actually proceed to the very spot at the trashcan even though there was no way for them to know that you stood next to it?

That was really awkward to phrase, hopefully it translates well.


You phrased that better than I did. In record time, too!


Breaching charges are now so weak they might as well not exist. We really need it restored to the former glorious. Oh we need two of them too. Pls IOI


I wish I could give more indepth info on this one, but basically, every tenth or so time I try to load a save the game just hangs on a fraction of the loading bar, and never goes further. I have to ctrl+alt+del that shit and restart the game in order for it to work again. It’s really quite annoying.

On PC / Steam.


I see that this is happening on PC as well; this is the exact same thing that I was describing was happening on Xbox. It makes me weary of loading/saving.


Something I’ve noticed, you can see through the ankles of characters’ trousers (look just above Morgan’s shoes).

Colorado has similarly buggy water to Hokkaido.

Clipping glasses and glitched earpiece on one of the Elite Militia outfits.

47’s lips don’t move during Colorado’s ending cutscene.


steam version in colombia, moving the camera to this angle


Updating my other report… Xbox… About 75% of the time, being crouched and taking a disguise, the game will crash… On any map in HM2.


Got into a firefight using an SMG, got killed while reloading, and 47 continued the reloading animation as he died. Pretty funny.

Playing on PS4 at Isle of Sgail.


Key bindings are not working properly. You can’t change a key that is already in use, unless you put a temporary replacement and everything that is double bound can only work with the default key. For example Y is double bound but when I like it to be Q instead, I can’t bind both functions to the same key again.

The smuggled briefcase in the apartment in Sapienza is difficult to pick up, I can only do it while moving and not while standing still.


I was dreading that it was just me and my rig. This gives me some hope for a fix.

Saving / Loading really is kind of important early on for challenges and generally exploring.


But the thing is cameras detecting illegal activities was shown in demos that were played in normal difficulty. That was one of the improvements advertised for S1 at least


cameras definitely detect illegal activities and people will spot you and enter in combat if you’re caught with a weapon on them


GPU usage in the menu is higher than when in game. The green bar showing the core clock in this graph maxes instantly when I pause the game. My GPU is a Vega 64 Nitro+. Hitman 2016 also showed this behaviour.

Edit: I’ve just discovered that this also happens if you simply stand still and don’t move the camera. The second I start looking or moving around the core clock drops back down to resonable levels.


guessing for whatever reason menus are not vsynched


Hokkaido’s flying sock near the helipad is frozen when before it shifted with the wind.

Also, concealable pistol is not a silenced one.


Steam version, knockin on front door (Colombia), after the guard opens the door, they both go to the same spot and overlap


On Miami at random times, my monitor will turn black but the game will keep running in the background. To fix this I alt-tab out and back in. However, sometimes this doesn’t work and the game freezes, forcing me to turn off the power to my computer to shut down the game. This has happened numerous times and is really, really annoying.


Can confirm.

Cameras detect illegal activities even on Professional difficulty.


Never mind.

The Living Dead challenge unlocked post-level, however I wasn’t notified of it once I’d fulfilled the requirements.