Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Actually, opening any door with a keycard is illegal now, I know it’s a bug, but it needs to be fixed ASAP


I’ll try and remember that when I find one.

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That bug is still there? It’s been there since launch. And was reported countless times. :confused:

Sniper Assassin Mode (PC) skips the stage-intro where Diana talks… I’m not sure if that messes anything up timing wise. I do usually skip it by pressing space, but still, if it shouldn’t do that then…

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Allow us subdue/open doors and other interactions when we are using instinct. Example: It’s really annoying while we subdue somebody and use instict to plan next move it’s stop the subdue action.

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Some lights can’t be shot on all maps, a wasted feature if you can’t shoot all the lights. Please consider bring back the ‘light switcher’ from blood money or from sniper map. Hitman & splinter cell are the only games where we can mess with the lights and i liked since hitman2(002).

1 Image Post Limitation
I know you have some limitation with loading and optimization. But is really annoying if you have to wait the NPC to get out of heli/car and then you can shoot with Wall-Piercing Ammo (Example: After get out of heli, you can shoot in heli with wall-piercing ammo and get a kill,but if you shoot before he/she get out of heli you can’t). why we have piercing ammo is you have to wait the scripted time to able to shoot them.

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Welcome to the forum.

This thread is about reporting and discussing current bugs in the game. Your post is about improvments you want in the game and not about any bugs.

This is the thread where you should post it

Everytinhg came back to normal for me


Thank you for your time pals, like SpirantCrayon22 said it seems to be an episodic trip of my hitman software, so I can just croos my finger to preserve my wednesday afternoon

Thank you again


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Not sure if it’s specific to Paris, but when making a contract in it just now, as I marked and unmarked targets (just checking their names). The ‘Mission Complete - Exfiltration’ theme was playing (the music when approaching an exit) and wouldn’t stop, no matter if I marked any new targets.

the game prolly consider that you killed all target when you unmark your target.
Until they’ll fix it, if it bother you, try to mark 2 targets and always keep one active. This way, it shouldn’t trigger the complete stage music.

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In professional mode, few items are missing from wall in NZ mission.

Not a bug, it’s intentional.


It’s a known occurrence, happens to everyone on all maps on all platforms.

Apart from Whittleton Creek which has no music at all

I have also experienced this multiple times on PC and have tried to take a screenshot of it, because for a split second 47 is standing up rather than sitting down

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Why though?

To make it ‘harder’

[Hey how come you can post those 11 characters, but it makes me type this extra shit?]

you’ll find a lot of surprises. Additional guards, NPCs, lack of some customary objects, additional cameras, etc.
It’s just because this is professional mode for professional players, designed to be harder and challenging


I know that. But how the game bEcomes harder by removing guns?

That’s Master not Professional. Thought it was odd, the last map I played was this one on Professional and the larger guns were there, then I saw the three skulls by the mini-map.

Yea it was called professional in hitman 1. My bad.

You need to be veteran to use that feature.

Only put that in there to avoid confusion for anyone else reading it. Probably worth changing the original post for that reason.