Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Not sure if this has been mentioned… But the flash phone makes such a loud noise as if this was high explosive. IMHO its too loud. Even more important, once it flashes the blinding effect gets interrupted right away when You engage the blinded people. And they do fire back. In real life Yo cant be unblinded just by being shot at. Easy method to test: Use it on the 3 men at the Hawkes Bay exit. Flash them, shoot one in the head right away and they are not blind anymore instantly. That is nonsense… In short: Bang is too loud, distraction must not end the blinding effect. Cheers.

I have a memory that the requirements for the individual mission stories are more relaxed than the one you get for doing all of them. In other words, you could cut out steps of the mission stories and still get those achievements ticked but what you missed out prevented the “did all of them” getting ticked. If you didn’t do that then start again, switch on the tracker, do each step exactly as suggested (eg, get that specific disguise not another one), then do the story kill method if available. If that doesn’t work then it’s a bug and you’ve already tagged IOI. There are several reports of this going on so I’d hope/think they’ll look at all reported instances.

Ghost Mode seems abandoned with this kind of bugs…
Including stretching clothes for half a year already…

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I believe I have identified the cause of the bug where achievements/trophies for full mission mastery are not rewarded. I apologize if this has already been listed, but I was not able to find it in a cursory search. The bug occurs (in at least some missions) when Level 20 Mastery is reached while playing the Patient Zero campaign mission.

The nature of awards and distribution of challenge XP appears to make this happen most often in Bangkok and Hokkaido, where Patient Zero challenge XP is a bigger proportion of the XP available- and where some players, frustrated with some quirks of the main campaign mission, may decide to go into the side content before mastering the main mission.


Crashes with execution code 80000003.
I almost finish the game with no crash, but i had old videocard gtx670.
Now i have crashes every 2-5 minutes. Driver version 431.60

I tried to play offline - and no crash occured. So the problem relates to online mode - server connection, synchronization and so on.

Sorry for my bad english.

Use DX12 untill this situation gets fixed.
Or try this


Not quite sure what’s going on, but I’m seeing an interaction prompt on this guy from like 200m away

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Looks like solution by the link works. Thanks. At least i could finish the mission.

P.s. i use Win7 so i can’t use DX12

Maybe it’s time to migrate to W10?

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Hitman 2 (running Exclusive Fullscreen and DX12)

Platform: PC (Steam)
OS: Windows 10 (version 1903, build 18362.295)

Destination: Whittleton Creek
Escalation Mission: The O’Leary Conflagration LEVEL 3

Everytime I start the escalation at level 3, the game crashes after 10 - 20 seconds giving me a black screen and no unput signal. Then I have to restart my computer.

After restarting, Steam flags Hitman 2 as “uninstalled” in the Steam Library, even though the game is actually installed on the hard drive.

The file “appmanifest_863550.acf” is also corrupt afterwards. Replacing the file with a working one solves the installation issue in the Steam Library, but NOT the in-game problem.

I have tried restarting the mission three times with the same result.

My system:
Intel Core i5-9600K
ASUS GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 16gb ram
OS installed on a Samsung EVO 970 SSD and Hitman 2 installed on a standard Western Digital Hard Drive.

Is this a specific issue on this escalation or is it present elsewhere? I doubt it’s your hardware but you never know…

In the bank I killed a guard with the award and I recieved Pride Goeth before destruction challenge.Isn’t it supposed to be unlocked when I eliminate Athena Savalas with the award?(Because I didn’t eliminate her.):thinking:

I have all of the mission stories shown as completed as well as all the assassination methods required. It just shows the mission mastery as 0/9.

Since the most recent patch I tried going back and re-doing them exactly, but still no unlock.

This is a specific issue on the mentioned escalation only. I haven’t had any issues while playing other missions.

Bug with Pride goeth before destruction challenge in new york.

so when i turn on the gramopphone she shortly displays investigating distraction, but never goes there. she also isnt able to be lured with coins towards that location either. she just keeps walking on… Cant have the Achievement…


Hello mormoufle

This has been posted already in the thread and these sorts of things do tend to get looked-at quite quickly. I’d think it might get sorted out with an update (these happen late in each month).


Okay, hopefully with the other posts on things not unlocking they’ll do something soon. Fingers crossed.

I have this problem. When I play on Hawke’s Bay, there is a small cabinet downstairs, behind the garage. If you open it, there is a folding knife and a pistol. Now, here’s the thing, Sometimes, I’m able to pick that gun up. But sometimes not. Gun always displays in instinct, but there is no prompt to pick it up. Also, on Hitman 2 Maps website, gun isn’t displayed, so that confuses me further.

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Hi ioi team,

I have reached Hitman 2 Mastery Level 20 in Colorado on PS4 and the trophy has not unlocked, can you help?

Thanks in advance,

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Have I understood this correctly? You have at some point picked up that gun, is that right? I’ve never picked it up, I didn’t think it was possible.