Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

do I need to post elsewhere to hopefully get my progress corrected? fairly new to the forum.
I imagine I need to contact ioi more directly but am not sure how to go about that.

No,you don’t need to contact them more directly.All the bugs are informed here and the guys from Ioi will take care of them and they will be fixed with the future updates.

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i did the elusive target for the blackmailer on paris today. I got everything including all of the outfits
and the silent assassin rating, but no terminus outfit. i know that this is a bug, but i was just wondering
when it is going to be fixed and if there is a solution to getting it.

Steam- ItzMrBeastLezZ
Im on PC

Playing on Xbox One

Noticed a bug with the ICA ELECTROCUTION PHONE.

Once used to kill a target and all nearby npc’s calm down, one will be alerted (with the question mark) and will go over to where the target died. They will then get stuck in a endless loop of picking up and will also randomly say voice lines as if they are picking up a item (I.e. coins, phone etc). I think a invisible ghost phone is dropped when the target dies. So a npc will attempt to pick it up and fail resulting in a endless loop.

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This one is weird, but sure. If you KO sleeping Alma and Orson with Tranq, and have their bodies found, it will ruin your SA. Done on PC/Steam.

Same issue here, I also completed a couple hours ago, got the signature suit with gloves but no winter suit. I was waiting an entire 2 months to get it.

@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI

any suggestions? i’m still unable to play the New York and Mumbai escalation


Yes I’m also on PS4, but I’ll edit my above response too!
Since I’m making another post, here’s another image from my glitch:
(This is the screen I got and every time I tried again, it would eventually come back to this screen)

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Mission: Freedom Fighters on Colorado map

Don’t know if it’s intended, but the door (from the hallway) leading to Sean Rose’s bathroom isn’t locked anymore. You can enter inside withoud the need of the key or something else. However, door leading into bathroom from the Rose’s bedroom still requires unlocking it with a key.

Last time I looked at that level I came to the conclusion that both doors lock when he goes into that room to wash his hands. They can be picked at that point but lock again if he comes back in on his cycle around the map. No lucrative XP farming, though, 25XP only once per lock.


Ok, I didn’t know that point. Thanks for clarification! Have a nice day


So to farm XP, is it any good to repeatedly unlock a keycard door in Caruso’s mansion?

No, all doors only give one lot of XP. Some of Caruso’s key-card doors have card things on both sides and both give XP but only once each. Also bear in mind that most locks are one-way and if 47 opens the door it can’t be picked from the other side; if 47 goes through after someone else has opened the door it can still be picked as long as he doesn’t touch the door.

Frisking gives 10 XP every time, not sure if any other activity repeats.

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After hours and hours, I finally could complete this challenge:
Started a new game (had issues with other similar challenges with games in progress, e.g. Fly Tipping didn’t progress properly), and threw a brick from above at Rangan’s head which made him fall down.
Shooting him in the head did not work for me, neither did eliminating all guards and/or use explosives, silly mole either continued to sit there or panicked and ran to a guard.

Platform: PC
Steam Name: mrpotatofail
So I just completed Sniper Assassin, Suit Only, Silent Assassin, No Evidence and Slitent Assassin Suit Only on master difficulty all in one run on the map Three-Headed-Serpent, but just as I exited the mission my game froze. On the Classic Challenges tab it says that I have completed these five challenges but I didn’t get the “The Classics” challenge you get for completing all five challenges. I retried the mission but I still didn’t get it.

Hello mrpotatofail, welcome to the forum! That’s annoying. Give it a day and try the run again, I think there are some daily check things that get done. If not then it’ll probably get fixed, see if the next update does that. You do have an option of contacting WB if you want.

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I have 2 bugs to report in The Finish Line mission.

When doing the “Turbo Charged” opportunity (the one where you sabotage the car displayed at the convention), Robert Knox will tell you to get in the car and turn the engine on regardless of your disguise at the time, even though it’s only supposed to work if you’re wearing the engineer or mechanic disguise. Getting in the car with any other disguise triggers a trespassing state and the surrounding guards will try to escort you away with guns pointed while the scene with Knox repairing the engine actually continues. Clearly not the way this was meant to work.

Another bug I had was Sierra Knox not dying when I injected lethal poison into her vitamins and let the doctor inject her with it. She just walked off and I didn’t get the challenge associated with killing her like this. However, when I killed her later on using a completely different method, the challenge for killing her by poisoning the vitamins suddenly triggered.

cherry blossom wont work when reported in hugo’s office.
zaydan doesnt move

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I’m stuck at the loading screen for The Blackmailer. If I exit the game and enter again, I’ll fail the ET. What am I going to do?

Disconnect the internet.