Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

So no more bugs will be fixed, urh? Very not happy.

They will still fix a few bugs,but not as often as usual.

Would be good, would be good

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not important :upside_down_face:

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Is the bug report about the NCP named “John Doe” or the fact that you can enter a dumpster without a lid?

container without lid.

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@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI

Not sure if its too late to fix but The Undying currently active has the eyepatch from Undying Returns


Who knows, maybe they made a substitute - first would go eyepatched and then healthy-wealthy
I doubt they will make changes ‘on the fly’

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New York mastery achievement is still bugged. Have ran mission multiple times after the mastery achievements were supposedly fixed and it is still locked.

  1. Open the steam customer service page and select HITMAN 2.
  2. Select the game I want to remove from my account.
  3. Choose to remove the “HITMAN and trade; 2 and ndash; Starter Pack” after removal card will drop normally

The challenge Making Sweet’ish Fish on the Miami level does not trigger, tried multiple times starting in different locations and I just can’t get it to work. I am playing on PS4.

I’m aasuming you’re doing it in a Contracts in Contracts Mode since the reports about it being bugged has come from players trying to do it in a Contract.

Do it in the main mission instead and that will complete the challenge.


i know the team is at work for season 3 but just to show other examples.

IOI is aware about NPCs choosing a bin instead of a toilet.They have mentioned about it in on their website many times(in the game update posts) and they said that they a
hadn’t got a solution yet.Also,a lot of people have already reported about it(including you).
You have also been told to throw/place a coin to drown NPCs untill the bug is fixed,so please do not post about this bug anymore.
Another solution to the problem would be to make a non-target sick,then make the target sick.The non-target will go to puke in a bin and the target will go to the toilet(in case there is not another bin nearby).Here is an example:

Yeah,it is one of my videos…

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I have completed all the mission story challenges in Sapienza, but this challenge is still not completed. Later, I completed the three mission story challenges completely many times. I retreated after killing the target, but I still failed to complete the challenge. I’ve tried to restart the game many times, but it didn’t work.

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If I remember the history of bug reports of this sort of problem, it’s because this one has a slightly different set of requirements from the individual challenges that make it up. What to do . . .

Choose Professional difficulty. Right at the start, or during preparation for the level, switch on the tracker for one of the three relevant mission stories. Follow each step in the tracker exactly as suggested and do not do anything else (unless necessary for the mission story or kill at the end). When the mission story is complete do the kill that is relevant exactly as described. Complete the level. Repeat for the other two challenges.

Beyond that I do not think there is anything else you can do, I’m afraid. Good luck.


No, I did exactly what you said, but it didn’t work :cry:

Oh dear, sorry to read that. I’m afraid I’m not sure what to suggest other than rebooting, completing other maps then returning and doing the step-by-step method again. Hope it works out.

I’ve seen plenty of people with this problem.
Terminus Suit not unlocked after completing The Undying with Silent Assassin on PC. Is there a fix?

Usually unlocks after a couple hours of it doesn’t unlock right away. I never had the problem personally though.