Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Unfortunately it doesn’t work because he’s not facing the toilet.

Also not pictured, (really wished I took a pic of it) a fedora-wearing NPC walked in right behind me, then whipped out a cell phone and had a conversation while pacing the room – walking dangerously close to the other guy’s vomit puddle.


The lady in the gardener disguise room can see through doors 50% of the time, makes getting her to flee the room via gunshot difficult

These little holes which I thought were specifically for hiding, you can actually be spotted in while hiding in them

And worst of all, when you shoot open this door it closes itself within 15 seconds and cannot be shot open again, but because it’s still registered as shot open you can’t use card/hack on it either; so once you shoot it open, it can never be opened again no matter what you do

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(Not important)
I can camouflage myself in a suit here.


I bought hit man best game of the year edition when it was on sale on the xbox game store. So I downloaded the main part because it is broke up in multiple sections, then I downloaded Paris with no problem, then I downloaded episode 2 but after it said it was finished downloading I wasn’t in the mood for hit man. So I just went on to download the 3rd episode and once that was finished I decided to play but the 2nd episode said it wasn’t installed then I looked and it wasn’t in my queue. So I went to the manage option to hit man and it only show upped in the ready to install section with the three outfits but when I hit install it didn’t do anything so I then went to the xbox store and it would either not load and say to refresh the page or it would work but when I hit install there it wouldn’t show up in queue so I need help to be able to play episode two.

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@Travis_IOI - another one of these Xbox content problems, can you guys help?

Cannot connect to hitman 2 servers

On xbox
Gamertag is OGL24

@Travis_IOI - again, can you guys do anything? It does not look like it’s a local issue for the user.

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  • Dalia doesn’t drink from her Voltaire Suite glass anymore

  • Viktor Novikov’s pathing avoids going through the door next to the glass casing unless you coin him

  • after becoming the exterminator and getting everyone downstairs guards will immediately shoot you for going up to the top floor

  • Dalia ignores Helmut so the mission story won’t complete

  • Two fireworks detonators on master mode

  • The sapienza mime has two water bottles

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Also they removed best Easter egg :sob:

Just checked. Still there.
You need to use 47’s Signature Suit for this one.
Signature Suit with gloves will do it too

Thanks! I was using Blood Money suit

I find it is rare that I can pick up the house key for Hawke’s Bay once it’s placed on the table. It glows in Eagle Vision but can’t be picked up. That’s like the gun in the cabinet downstairs there, that’s never been something that could be picked up.

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Hi. So I own both Hitman season 1 and 2 for xbox one. The former works well but the latter does not. There’s a recurrent glitch in which NPCs most of the time don’t become witnesses when they see me do something illegal and hence don’t light up in orange on instinct mode. And if they do light up in orange, when they go alert guards, the guards won’t become orange and will not know who to search for. On top of that, they won’t go to the place where I was spotted doing something illegal.

Hello, welcome to the forum. Can you provide some details, some kind of specific location, disguise, action, etc? I don’t have much time right now but might be able to try and replicate it if I can find some time.

Impossible Xbox time/score combination?

Hello IOI people (@Travis_IOI please pass on) I have a . . . nerdy thing to report. In Xbox contract 3-10-5675961-74 there is an impossible score. I don’t mean someone cheating, I mean the time and score combination is not possible. Right now it’s 7th place, a 2.37 run with one star for no recordings and no non-target kills has a score of 21779. I’ve worked out how the scores go and this combination is not possible.

For a time of 2 minutes 37 seconds, one star, no non-target kills, the range of possible scores is 21780 to 21783. For a score of 21779 the only possible time is 2 minutes 38 seconds. The two don’t overlap. All other scores in this leaderboard (and others) fit with my score-time functions. I assume the scores and times are rounded rather than truncated for presentation in the leaderboards, id est, 37.7 appears as 38, not 37. With rounding my functions fit the other scores but I don’t know if that works with truncation.

In case you look into this, a long time ago I noted that the contract is broken. It still is, for one target the weapon required is coding gibberish so it is not possible to complete the level with all conditions met. It’s supposed to be the same as the others, katana either melee or thrown.

This is happening to me in every location, in every map and with any disguise.


There are stick drift/auto walk problems on an otherwise perfectly functional controller. I feel like there is literally zero dead zone.

No video, but imagine 47 decides he wants to walk at the least opportune times. It’s like trying to be a super assassin with a nervous system disorder.

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The “I see you’re outsourcing” quote doesn’t happen with the Cross kill

Hello there, welcome to the forum. This is an odd one; it seems to be specific to certain Xbox controllers and almost exclusively with Hitman. Others have reported it, including me, and I also saw this behaviour in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (possibly). There’s nothing you can do except tap the movement stick, seems to stop it, or use another controller. A weird one!

Strange. Certainly doesn’t happen for me! All I can think of is to remove the game completely and reinstall it.