Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

I have a problem. Last night I completed all mission stories AND all assassination challenges for The Icon. Still no Iconator unlock though. Would be nice if that challenge unlocked for me. @Travis_IOI

I hope that all these challenge glitches won’t be happening in HITMAN 3…


I was wondering if IOI still plans on releasing any further patches for Hitman 2? As far as I can tell that doesn’t appear to be the case. I ask because I’ve been playing the game a lot lately and have encountered a wide range of bugs, many of them game-breaking, but I feel like if they aren’t going to continue patching the game, then there’s no point in reporting the bugs.

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I’ve done a runthrough of the game today (first time playing the game since December :open_mouth: ) and noticed IO never fixed the issue with the Haven Island in-game cinematic when you enter the location from the default starting point. When the cinematic cuts to the shots of Ljudmila, the game randomly switches out of cinemascope to 16:9.

It was there when they first released the location… :confused: Would’ve thought it would be a simple fix.

Hi there. I just got the game a week or two ago. Digital gold edition ps4 base model. I’m having problems loading saves from the three headed serpent mission. Every two or three times it gets around 75% complete and gets stuck but the loading animation below the loading bar is still looping

Lol yea, the Hawkes bay intro is messed up too the enemy mobs warp around a few spots right before the screen cut to agent 47

Hello Lob. Perhaps your saves were corrupted. Could you try to load other locations’ saves, like Miami? Alternatively, you could try make some new saves and load them in Santa Fortuna.

That’s really unlikely, it’s not official but it seems that they focused all their staff on producing H3.
Best hope we’ve got is to report bugs and wait for the release, only then they should start with all those issues.
However I doubt that they’ll even touch H2. Bugs will probably be sorted out in H3 only, because I think they don’t have enough manpower for taking care of H2 and H3 at the same time.

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Thanks for the reply. I tried that this morning and I also made it to the Mumbai level and it’s doing it there now too. I’ve made new saves and tried auto saves as well and it seems to be doing it every other load.

You’re welcome. I don’t know what exactly caused the issue, but perhaps the dev team can figure it out. While you wait for an official response, if you still have the issue, like really badly, consider reinstalling the game or even doing a full wipe on your console as your last resort. I hope it get fixed soon.

Not sure if this applies here, but… WTF

In the Steam version of the game on windows 10, sometimes if you click “Quit Game” the game will appear to close but it will still be running in the background, if it’s gets like this the game can not be closed by clicking Stop in steam and the only way to fully close it so doesn’t continue to heat up the CPU is to force quit it using task manager.

That’s Sapienza for you. Those piers are so very slippery!

(but yeah, Sapienza has a problem where one NPC might just randomly die by falling into the water)

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Now here’s a weird distraction bug. I turned this man into a floating, roaming ghost upon turning on this sink.

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When you put a vomit mine in a suitcase, the guards stay in a loop endlessly that you find a weapon. it stops after a while.

Platform: Xbox One

In Hokkaido, the game often crashes when cutting the Fugu fish while disguised as a chef. If I remember correctly, this is a bug present in the previous game that was carried over.

I can’t say as I’ve noticed that, it’s one thing I have done fairly often. Perhaps if it’s done at a particular point or before/after some combination of events?

no reaction to lethal poison on this target.

First time it’s ever happened, but in Ghost mode I died then respawned here and was unable to move, could only duck up and down, had to restart.

Happened to me several times in Miami.
That is very frustrating bug…

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