Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


PS4, миссия Париж, при выполнении сюжетного задания «творческая неудача» девушка-блогер ставит видеокамеру на пол и уходит. Виктор Новиков видит что девушки-блогера нет, поэтому разворачивается и уходит. Никакого интервью.


I noticed it was bugged however i was able to get it to pop using, specifically, the drain hole outside the showroom house after doing the house tour with Cassidy. Take out his bodyguard and try and get cassidy in the hole without being spotted.


Photobomb Mission story is bugged on the PC version.

The story does complete in the menu but the interviewer walks away from the camera after placing it down before novikov arrives causing him to walk away and continue his regular walk cycle.

No opportunity to blow him up is presented.


This has been explained. Someone else (can’t recall who) found out that, for some reason, one update or another added a gardener to the map, near the mountain path exit. He kills himself by jumping off the cliff before 47 can get anywhere near. This stops the five-star rating as it’s a non-target death although it doesn’t stop the SA requirement.


That would be a different bug, I’m not being marked with a non-target kill I’m being marked as being spotted when I was never spotted


Sorry, I mis-remembered how it works, you lose the “not spotted” for no apparent reason, now that you mention it - that’s how it appeared for me, too - but it does not negate SA, I still got the challenge and presumably you did, too. It appears to be related to that gardener, though.


I have the challenges 100% but I’m trying to climb the leaderboards and some of my times would have put me in the top 20 for that particular mission

I’m not a top 10 player, but once in a while I can land somewhere in the top 20 to 100 occasionally on certain maps and that bug is annoyingly in the way


In Landslide if you are in the church staff costume, you can be in the cript and outside of it by the water, but standing in the door way is trespassing. Strange.


Miami mission.
Robot’s right arm hangs in a wrong place.

Windows 10.


Yes, I’ve had the impression that this is something very common across many of the maps, not just that one.


PS4. Don’t unlock achievement .50 personal touch and tourist attraction in Marrakesh. conditions are met, achievements from bonus mission in Marrakesh received without problems


Issue: Unable to achieve Silent Assassin score in Mumbai (Chasing a Ghost) due to “Never Spotted = 0” bug.

  • Have completed the level on Master multiple times without being spotted, clean kills, exiting unseen.
  • Even achieved all the Challenges marked with “Silent Assassin”.
  • Tried different methods of kills, different order of killing.
  • Also did runs without a single load or save in the middle.

(PC Steam Install, Win7 64bit/980ti)


Issue: Try as I might, “Wet Bandit” refuses to unlock in Whittleton Creek.

  • Dropped live and dead story mission targets in manholes.
  • Tried three different user made Contracts for the challenge, multiple times.
  • Tried 1 target, and multi-target contracts.
  • Tried all alive (unconscious) and dead drops.

(PC Steam Install, Win7 64bit/980ti)


I fixed this recently but don’t know which patch it will make it into. The live version of it is somewhat unreliable as a way of unlocking the challenge. Should become more robust with the fix.


Aluminum Travel briefcase unlocked a 2nd time


Elsewhere it’s suggested that the reason for this is the man Dawood Rangan pushes off the tower. Kill Rangan as soon as you can is the answer. The following worked for me (Master level) after the last Xbox patch. Start in the Chawls, fix The Kashmirian’s rifle focus, go up the tower and sort out the paint.


Miami Ghost Mode:
Versatile Duelist remains uncompleted despite having successfully executed the 5 types of assasinations multiple times.


I keep getting error 0xC0000005 on my Windows 10, almost instantly after loading any map,
I have checked game files, no problems found, i have latest drivers etc, all the good stuff so to speak :slight_smile:
I decided to attach a Visual Studio debugger to the game and got a little bit more details:

Exception thrown at 0x000000014B95BB59 in HITMAN2.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000000. occurred

Debugger also shows this line as the cause :

    000000014B95BB59  mov         eax,dword ptr [rdx]  

Tends to happen a little bit more often in fullscreen


Also, happens even when i have all settings set to lowest possible value.
Sometimes i get a good 5-10 seconds after the map is loaded, with or without watching the mission intro video


HITMAN2 Paris difficulty:master
challenges : Photobomb
Female anchor drop the camera leave???
Why did she leave?
How to trigger the plot
How to Kill target???