Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Its bugged for everyone. Keep calm and wait for the patch :slight_smile:


That only happens if you trigger it (if you’re in the area and start the “script”), it wont happen unless you’re not in that area. But yea you’re right. Non target killed caused by npcs can effect your never spotted points


do we know when the patch is coming out or nah?


Not yet. We might get some news about it in tmrws road map


Does anyone on PS4 still have the paris location glitch where you cant find all locations when there are no new ones to discover just wondering?


Map: Legacy Paris
Challenge: Discover Paris
Platform: Xbox One
Issue: challenge stuck at 38/39 with all locations shown in map with no undiscovered location tags.


I can’t get Silent Assasin rating on any map. I get Suit only but SA remains locked. No evidence, everything is done right. Xbox one player. Please fix this :frowning:


for everyone having the 0xC0000005 error, this is what solves it more or less (only had 1 crash ever since the change)

open task manager, search for HITMAN2.exe, right click and on Priorities, set it to high.
has been consistent to me and can play the game just as fine (without counting the crash).

hope it helps.


If I’m playing a level for a longer period of time (in this case, in Miami), after about 45 minutes to 1 hour of gameplay many of the in-game sound effects (footsteps, subdues, NPC voices/sounds) or music just stops playing or is inconsistent. The game can begin to become eerily silent with only occasional sounds popping in. This is on an Xbox One console.


Exactly the same here. Triple checked everything but still stuck with 38/39 in Paris.


I tried that, still crashes just as much unfortunately :confused:
I noticed that i get the same exact issue on Hitman 2016 now, where i can play for maybe few minutes before same crash happens :worried:


Ok, i installed Nvidia Inspector, removed hitman2.exe from the list of executables linked to hitman 2: silent assassin, added it to hitman 2 2018 instead, and set fps limit to 60, i was able to complete the yardbirds mission 1 and half times until i got the crash this time


Ok, this did work, letting the Kashmiran kill the targets (Dawood first), allowed the “Not Spotted” to remain OK. Odd though, considering the other spec of “No Bodies Found” would remain, given that a sniper killed the targets dead in front of people :wink: But oh well!


The Kashmirians sniper kills are considered accidents, bodies found due to accidents won’t ruin SA


In the Isle of Sgail, the elite guards use a more skeletal mask, yet sometimes after disguising the normal guest mask is used instead. Extremely minor, but I felt like sharing it.


As a long-running “bug” across both seasons why (and how) is the spotted-by-shooting a thing?

What I mean by this is the “feature” where

  1. If you shoot near an NPC too much they will instantly notice you regardless of their line of sight or awareness.
  2. The worst offender: If you shoot an NPC they will get suspicious of you. Leg shot, body shot, and anywhere but the head once they return to their normal standing animation they will have “spotted you” and get you into a compromised state. This is most infuriating to me when shooting someone by sniper, but missing the head.
    The situation can unfold like this: NPC falls over, if their prone body is obstructed by a ledge I must wait for them to stand up. Once they are now standing they have “spotted me”.

This weird mechanic – even though the target dies in the end – is rendered as one of the most cheap ways to get spotted as anyone near the standing target will also immediately learn of your identity the moment the target returns to their normal standing animation position.

Why does shooting someone give them omnipotent knowledge of your identity?
It should just render them in an alert state at most.


There is a ‘pick up’ prompt missing on a wrench, though it’s not unreachable

Aiming camera ‘watching’ a strange way… This is not normal


They are still bugged. I’ve done runs where I’ve only used my pistol and somehow got poison kill xp.


It’s better this way so it isn’t exploited. Otherwise players will just legshot every npc to get past them. A ko needs to occur before they get up.

And for your other reason, have you tried the ghost sniper? A shot to any part of their body is an insta-kill, even if you shoot their toe.


I’m playing on PS4.

I just completed Mumbai story mission, Chasing a ghost. I killed every target with accident kills, one of them with a propane tank explosion. I completed the mission and got unlocked Silent Assassin and Suit Only challenges, plus few more related, but I didn’t get Silent Assassin on the rating. Unfortunately I didn’t get any captures.

I don’t know if you know this issue yet, but I quite believe that sometimes accident kills are not considered as unnoticed kills in the final rating. It happened couple of times in Miami as well, completing some of the Assassination challenges.