Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


If you press “square” after exiting a mission, you can see detailed xp and what you’ve missed to get SA

Ratings are currently bugged, they sre looking into it though and we hope for a fix in the upcoming update later this month


Thank you for answering. Yeah I know and seems I got spotted eventually. But the problem still persists because I got Silent Assassin challenge unlocked after same playthrough. Never played in Mumbai before, first playthrough in Mumbai for me.


I have the Hitman 2 Gold Edition, been playing it since launch with no problem.

Today, suddenly I have “get access” over all stages except the prologue and training stage and when I click on them they asked me to buy the game again or saying the DLC is not available.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? So bizarre! Help please!


I’m not sure, there could be two things going on. I’ve had a definite impression that some accident kills resulted in a situation where a body got found - I’m talking poison here, not a mis-placed breach charge or micro explosive. So there might be a bug. There IS, though, as far as I understand it, a bug in Mumbai and Patient Zero/Hokkaido where an NPC dies and it loses you a star; sexy-man (apparently :laughing:) Dawood kills someone in the former and bizarrely IOI put in a gardener that kills himself before 47 can do anything about it in the Hokkaido map.

Just make sure the Mumbai stud dies before he kills his prisoner.

Oh, yeah, that NPC dying thing doesn’t stop the SA challenges.


This happened three times to me. If you’re on PS4, go to HITMAN™ 2, then go to the bottom of the sub-menu and redownload every level.


It appears that the levels were downloaded to the Hitman 1 file. So when I removed the Hitman 1 files to external storage, Hitman 2 becomes unplayable.

I don’t understand why the file structure is so bizarre.

I am now in the process of moving the Hitman a files (125gb) back to my internal storage and I will then see.


Noticing a weird bug on XBox One (have not checked this on PS4) for sniper rifles. Sometimes when going into scope mode, instead of seeing the scope and having a clear image of what you see through the scope, everything is completely blurry with no actual scope in sight. The only fix that I’ve come across is to reload the save. Anyone else see this bug?


Yes, regularly although not entirely sure when, ie, if it was better after the last patch. Nightmare of a time trying to get Sniper Assassin in Colorado, about 50% of the time I got this problem. Xbox.


Yes. Super frustrating. I just flipped over to the PS4 side of things and this issue happens there as well. Definitely a cross platform bug.


Unable to complete Discover Hawke’s Bay. On my map, all locations are discovered but according to the challenge, I have 0/6 discovered. Since you can’t reset map discovery triggers, this challenge is now permanently locked. I’m on PC.

This is frustrating as this is the only challenge I have left. I’ve gone through Legacy and Hitman 2 and finished every single challenge, except for this.


This bug happens when the Enemy has the Sashka Assault Rifle, from the ICA training with the Soviet Soldiers, then in Marrakesh with the Elite Soldiers, or the Militia in Columbia. ALL OF THEM have this bug when having the Sashka Rifle.
When i tried the Prologue Demo, this bug wasn t present, then i bought the Game + Legacy Pack, and this happened.
Platform: PS4Pro


Hey, hey, hey!
This isn’t funny

For those, who didn’t understand, there is no ‘open’ prompt on the door. It can’t be opened


Because that door is only opened with a card reader which is on the other side of the door. I know it makes no sense, but that’s how they designed it.


Ok, but why the nearby door to staircase can be opened from the inside? It has cardreader too.
As far as I remember this door was openable afore


As mentioned before, the Shashka A33 rifle has a floating magazine, not attached to the Rifle. forgot to mention that they also have NO fire sound effect when the ENEMY SHOOTS YOU


PS4 Mumbai - Chasing a ghost, sniper assassin isn’t working. I’m trying to do all the classics I’ve played the level twice now not getting spotted by anybody or any cameras, no bodies found, killed all the targets with a sniper but it won’t give me the challenge so it’s definitely a bug in the game.


That’s definitely a bug, but just to clarify “no bodies found” is not a requirement for Sniper Assassin.


I had the same problem as you see.You will probably have to redownload the legacy pack on your Ps4 again.Just make sure that you move H1 to your external once you claim it , so that it will be installed into H2 app.


Isn’t there supposed to be an unlockable for completing 15 FC’s?


Ah my bad, I was playing on master difficulty both times as well so might work fine on casual and professional.