Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


No reflection of sunglasses when wearing Terry Norfolk disguise.

Also on Deck 00, when you flick the fuse box to distract the mechanic who is painting, the lights don’t cut out, he is still distracted but the visual is no longer working.


For that and other pairs of glasses it looks like they are completely black as if there is no texture present, even in the “objectives” screen pictures.


Contract creation/playing:

Doing pistol eliminations causes the “Perfect Shooter” (all shots must hit a NPC) to fail. Makes no sense.


Probably bc the NPC is “dead” after the first shot. I bet if you snipe a target and then 30 seconds later shoot their dead body the same thing happens. Seems like it would be an easy fix.


Shooting dead bodies is not failing “Perfect Shooter”.


Then I have no idea lol


so when i press start game its loading like 15 sec and then nothing happend im in steam and i cant do anything i try delite and downloding againe but its not workind


Can anyone confirm to calm my ocd with little details that reloading saves in their games messes up how guards are holding weapons, its like one hand is always too low, pc version, btw?


Reloading saves was a significant problem before the last patch on all platforms, wouldn’t be a surprise if there were still some problems, that’s the way I’d see it.


I’m just curious if someone from IOI really monitors this thread and peaks reports from it?


Seriously?! Wtf is this bullshit…


Problems with fall accidents and body discovered in Mumbai

On the crow hideout, there is a guard you can push from the roof, which counts as accident:fall. However as soon as he falls you get a “body found” prompt. There is nobody on the roof that sees me push him. There is no “Searching” prompt afterwards. However, this somehow counts as noticed kill (not body found!)

I did this now 20 times and on the end screen I end up with 4 stars because one kill is supposed to be spotted.
On the end screen, I get 20k for “Objectives fulfilled”, for “always unnoticed” and for “no bodies found”, but the roof kill counts as noticed kill.
The contract I am doing also has a “never spotted” condition which is fulfilled!



My game just crashes every now and again, I am not able to replicate the problem by trying to do the same run again but it seams to happen after about 2-4h of gaming. The crashes seams to be semi random, but it happens mostly when I am trying to do things fast in a map.

I am playing on my PS4 pro, and the error message when the game freezes is CE-34878-0, I have not been on the forum for long so I do not know if this is a common and known problem for anyone else, but for me it is something that happens every play session up to multiple times.


To add on strange accident and bodies found behaviour:

Did a contract with 5x accidental death, as you can see, it were all accidents and the targets were the only people that died, no KOs

Still I get no score for “no bodies found” as you can see:

It seems the accidental death does not prevent bodies found to be counted against you on nonscripted accidents (electricity?)
Can I please get a feedback on this?


That’s a food safety violation. Believe me I know.


Blending in “crowd”, when crowd is already dispersed. (In front of the main gate to the Dawood’s tower)


It’s bugged since Season 1. Unfortunatly it’s not been fixed in Hitman 2 too


Despite already doing all of the mission stories for 3 headed serpent, it thinks that I’ve only done 2 of the 3 main ones.



You need to complete the mission story challenge (feat) you are missing step by step without doing other things to complete it. This only happens to some mission stories for example, Lights Out in Paris, you wont get the mission story challenge completed ny exploding the light rig, you have to sabotage it with a crowbar. I got the mission story completed but not the feat challenge it was also 2/3

Go to feats to find out which of the 3 mission stories challenges you are missing in order to get the unlock then do that mission story step by step as the hints tell you to do.
Its either Deadly Arts, Hallowed Grounds or Heart Of Stone
You should have one of those incompleted in your feats tab. Find out which one it is and do that accordingly as the hints/guide tell you too

You can find a similar solved situation here