Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


It’s bugged as per other answer. Not sure if it’s possible to do SA, it’s very hard to knock out every single NPC that might see one of the bodies and I don’t fully understand “crowd” behaviour, ie, if the non-NPC people care about deaths right in front of them. Two or three of these five are possible to hide but it rapidly gets very difficult to knock out all those that have a line of sight to one of the dead guys.


I have 2 bugs to report (is this the best place to post game issues like this?)
Platform: PC

  1. Description: Whack-A-Mole opportunity in Vermont seems to be bugged on Master difficulty - you can’t talk to that guard to request instructions, nor can you report successfully filling the holes to him. He also gets suspicious of the gardener disguise, so if you approach him from the front your cover is blown like with other guards. The opporunity works fine on Professional.
    Instructions to reproduce: Just follow the mission story guidance instructions on Professional, then try to repeat the same thing on Master difficulty - it won’t work.

  2. Description: It seems to be impossible to gain a rating of higher than 4 stars in the final mission of the Patient Zero campaign. No matter what, you get a “spotted” penalty (even if you do nothing that would normally warrant getting spotted). Note that the Silent Assassin challenge is unlocking correctly, it is just the rating that is bugged.
    Instructions to reproduce: Here’s a short video that illustrates the problem:


(Ps4 Pro Gold physical with Legacy pack from Goty digital edition)
Icon Mission.The green monster makes NO flames at all.I also did the opportunity with extra fuel and Dino got burned , but there was no visual flame from the machine.


Game just crashed to desktop, PC, latest version as of 14/01/19, attempting Sniper Assassin on Miami, went to the walkway with 1 race marshall, knocked him out with briefcase, sniped Sierra Knox’s car, then framerate dropped substantially, followed by crash to desktop about 5 seconds later. Have sniped her car multiple times before never had this issue so could be a one off, pro difficulty so I did save before I took the shot, but didn’t reload a save. Gonna try again

Edit: More info, I am using dual controls i.e. I use the xbox one controller on my PC for movement, actions and most shooting, but then I put my controller down and don’t touch it and use the mouse and keyboard for sniping since it’s more accurate for me. I have been playing like this for a while now when sniping and never had an issue so prob not related but could be the modifier causing the crash to desktop. Reloaded save file from 10 secs before crash, shot her car and hit it much earlier this time so she crashed in sight rather than underneath the walkway, no crash, continuing on now to Robert Knox then


Patient Zero/Hokkaido had a new gardener introduced. He’s up near the mountain path exit and kills himself about ten seconds into the level. This means a star is lost and “never spotted” seems to be the star that is affected. It seems to be impossible to do anything about this man.

Incidentally it relates to other levels where someone else dies, if you do not kill Dawood Rangan before he kills his prisoner then you lose out in the same way.


Dawoods prisoner script will only be triggerd when you are near thar area of the tower. He wont kill him otherwise.

The strange thing with PZ is that I never lost a star or I didnt get a non-target killed notification. It could be that you loose a star but you get the SA related challenge completed.

With Rangan I know for a fact that you dont get any SA challenge completed if Rangan kills him


Regarding Mumbai, a few people have complained about not getting SA and it seemed to be to do with this bloke that Rangan kills. I didn’t notice or didn’t care about it, I got the SA challenges fine so whatever way around, it worked for me!

PZ you definitely lost a star, the leaderboards show that is what happens. No, there’s no non-target killed notification, I think that only occurs if 47 does the killing.

Still a few broken points with the game, it seems.


This keeps happening to me in Bangkok on Master difficulty attempting sniper assassin, I snipe Morgan from 47s balcony at the start no problems, the kill is noticed (can’t avoid that but shouldn’t void the sniper assassin run) but I am not spotted or seen shooting him. I then go up to the top floor of Morgan’s suite, knock out the stalker, then wait to snipe Jordan Cross in the window directly opposite (using Seiger 300 Ghost), take the headshot, unnoticed kill pops up for this one, drop the sniper, sneak out of Morgan’s suite, down the pipe, then leave 47’s room and go to the exit, shoot the one camera in the run that could spot me, distract the guards at end to sneak past, exit the map, no sniper assassin. The score gives me 3 stars since I didn’t get any points for No Noticed Kills, and obv the bodies are found, but it clearly shows ‘Never Spotted’ at 20000 points. And I definitely didn’t get spotted, I tried it both ways (either getting caught trespassing by mistake but running away fast enough to not get Compromised or Hunted which wouldn’t void a SA run anyway) or without being caught trespassing ANYWHERE at all and whatever I do the Sniper Assassin challenge will not pop. Some people suggested restarting their console seemed to work so am gonna try that and restart the game on Steam then load my save and see if that makes a difference

EDIT: Restarted game, reloaded save, did exact same exit strategy, got Sniper Assassin… go figure


Hitman 2 Legacy Remaster, PC, latest patch as of 14/01/19, graphical errors on slurry pit on Colorado. Quite offputting. Running on highest graphics and simulation settings at 1080p


Do we know any backstory or other reason this this NPC was added and why he kills himself?


Mission in Paris
Hitman 2 (2018)
Impossible to do Photobomb challenge.
PS4 version
The reporter at this challenge just go away. When she’s coming to interview she must to wait Novikov, but she’s going from there and Novikov turn around and going too.
What should I do to complete these challege.
PS: sorry for English if it’s wrong.




Issue: Partially missing hitbox on chandelier chain. Located in the storage room between the Kitchen / East wall. A ladee and a guy are having a conversation dressed as event staff.


Do you not have problems shooting other things? what makes you say it’s the chain and not the gun/guns?

The same thing happens with the hay bale in Colorado, or when shooting heads of civilians in the square in Sapienza.


Yes, shooting accuracy is definitely worse. But the hitboxes on chains for the most part are fairly lenient.
In the example I posted it’s definitely a missing hitbox on the chain. I also tried from a different angle and only when you shoot very high will it drop.

@Hatch with sniper


Steam version.

There’s a bug in the showstopper mission in Paris. If you try to do the Photobomb Assassination, the interviewer will just walk away after placing down the camera where the interview with Viktor should be. Viktor will stop walking there after she walks away and he’ll never go close enough to be blown up.


No, I don’t think so. The other threads about this, including the one where someone posted what is going on, have only stated that this bloke is there, nothing more that I noticed. Very odd!


Aswell it is on other platforms…


This is a common one that we’ve been reporting since before Xmas, they have had plenty of notice of it and shouldn’t be hard to fix the routing you would have thought so hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch


On Steam version:

Wet Bandit challenge in Whittleton Creek seems to be bugged. I got the Realtor disguise, lured Cassidy to the house, emetic poisoned the guard and knocked him out without Cassidy seeing, took Cassidy to basement and knocked him unconscious. I tried dragging Cassidy’s body to the sewer out in front of the house, as well as the one to the left of the house behind the construction digger in the street. I’ve tried dumping him in both sewers alive or dead. I’ve also tried creating a contract and dumping the construction worker that patrols near the sewer in the street undergoing maintenance. Never detected in Story mission or in Contract. No dice either way.

On Legacy map Hokkaido, when trying to do the “Don’t Look Down” challenge, I cannot get Yamazaki to run to the cable car. After shooting ~40 guards with loud weapons and getting her to run all around the map, occasionally the “Fleeing” icon will appear above her head and she will run towards the cable car, but even whilst shooting my gun relatively close by her and killing more people, she will exit Fleeing mode and run straight towards me in some instances, or just away from the cable car generally.

Also on Hokkaido, there seems to be an issue with attempting to shock Soders by disabling the defibrillator safety mechanism. When I first tried it, I had loaded a save, disabled the safety mechanism, disabled his life support, and ran up to the panel to overcharge the defib. I waited until the countdown started, initiated the option to overload the defib, and it instantly went to a cutscene where the defibrillator works normally and he is resuscitated. After trying it and failing several times, I decided to try it from a fresh game without saving or loading, and was able to get it to work.

Techman challenge on Hokkaido is also broken & will not unlock. I distracted the blonde guy on the couch away, knocked him out, distracted the dark haired guy out of the room, tampered with the game pad, switched the console to expert mode, and then watched him get electrocuted. I tried from a save, and also from a fresh game. No unlock either way.

I’ve actually noticed there are quite a few challenges that break if you Save/Load in HITMAN 2, but can’t recall which ones off of the top of my head. Is IOI financially unstable at the moment, and that’s why the bug fixing is going so slow? I’ve noticed comments on YouTube videos from 6 months ago (for some Legacy maps) that mention some of the very same bugs I’ve read in this thread. It’s honestly really disappointing, and given the track record of HITMAN 2016 in terms of how long it took to fix bugs, I’m not sure I’m comfortable recommending the game to anyone for a while :(.