Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Did you try shooting over at the area where the cable car is right from the start, if you get her into lockdown this way you should be able to get her inside quickly if you play around with where you shoot, and then you can trigger her journey to hell from the comfort of your hotel room


I still experience that H2 crashes randomly without an error code. It just goes straight to the windows desktop. I searched my PC for dump files, but non exist. So at the moment I have no idea why it’s crashing. I got the latest Nvidia drivers, I even tried to clean install the game to see if that could fix it.

Sometimes it crashes after 2 mins of gameplay and other times it can take an hour. This makes doing Elusive Target trobulesom at best, I can’t remember what happens if the game crashes while doing one, if it will count as a fail. Or if you kill the target and then it crashes, that will 100% count as a fail.

I don’t feel like doing Elusive targets, when I can’t control the outcome.


Another example of seeing through walls glitch + weird behavior…
That girl is standing back to the situation and behind a couple of walls.
But somehow magically she sees me dragging the body with her back of the head and through that distance and those barriers…
Repeats every singe time. Always.


Yep that is total BS, I’m glad I’m not the only one who is finding that this is still a problem, even though some people have been totally like ‘no there aren’t any places NPCs can see through walls’ way back in this topic


In Showstopper, for the interview mission, the interviewer just walks away after placing the camera on the ground and Novikov goes outside, stands there for one second, and then walks back to his normal routine. From googling, this seems like a common issue.


That is known bug. Hopefully it will be fixed in forthcoming update on approx 22nd of Jan


HDR is still severely broken. No matter what I do, not matter which drivers I use the ONLY way to get HDR to work in this is to disconnect and reconnect my monitor cable from my second monitor. If I launch the game without HDR enabled and put it in exclusive fullscreen I still have to unplug and re-plug my second monitor to get an image with the game in exclusive fullscreen. Might add that no other games behave this way. HDR-capable or not.

Geforce drivers 417.35
Win 10 1809 (same thing happened in build 1803)
HDR disabled or enabled in Windows doesn’t matter

Would happily send more data if needed.


Probably animation errior, misalined bone or somethin (idunno)

IT was fine and now iz broken =D! it is happening again!


My favourite random ammo clip floating isn’t even on guards, I was using the Sieger 300 Ghost for Bangkok Sniper Assassin on Master for the classics the other day, reloaded and the spent ammo clip literally floated vertically in the air about a foot off the ground, wish I’d screenshotted it


Ps4. Having serious issues with explosives.
In Paris, novikov won’t go near the reporters camera.

Even if I fill the safe room with every propane flask and fire extinguisher in the Palace, remote explosives, a duck and some explosive compound, I don’t get the achievement for blowing them up in the safe room.

Mumbai is worse though. No remote explosives work in Mumbai (placed or thrown). The “trigger” button doesn’t pop up and no explosives (I’ve tried them all) will trigger.
Multiple reloads, days apart, no saves.


Bug that happens both in PS4 and XBox One. When putting the console into rest mode while Hitman 2 is playing, turning back on the console at a later point with the game continuing playing, game always crashes to the console main screen.


To get the achievement. Do 10 contracts that are NOT featured. Do any 10 random contracts. I found that Featured Contracts don’t count toward that achievement.


I noticed clipping around the neck and on the nose on the ninja suit in Hokkaido. His skin is showing through and it really ruins the outfit. I don’t remember this in season one? To be clear I mean on the legacy version of the map.


Cowboy Suit displayed the same way in H2


Clipping issues are one of my biggest pet peeves in any game! Some outfits are terrible in Hitman.


In Paris The Piano upstairs next to the Sheikh’s room acts like a radio distraction in that it keeps attracting people until it is reset.

If you take out the waiter that inspects it before he resets it or indeed drop it on his head eventually the sheikh will come inspect the Piano.

If you knock him out before he resets it or drop it on his head a guard will come inspect the piano.

As an aside to this bug it seems dropping the piano on the guard’s head doesn’t knock him out he just keeps investigating the sound.
Is the piano knockout limited to working only twice?


Targets behave differently on the same falling height, depending whether you push them from behind or pull them from below the ledge.

In the elevator shaft in Mumbai, the NPC/contract target always dies when you approach from behind and push her (promt “X”: push). If you hang on the ledge when target approaches and you pull her down (prompot “E”: attack) she falls the exact same height, but gets just knocked out:

This one was pulled from where I stand, while I was hanging on the ledge, and she survived the fall and just got knocked out (falling 4 stories)


20190118172251_1 The steam achievement has not unlocked for me after completing all the mission stories.


Bug: Isle of Sgàil Castle Master Key
I’m experiencing a weird thing with the castle master key in the Isle of Sgàil. Once I have picked it up, an Intel notification shows that I have the master key and also the ‘key obtained’ notification will pop up. When I go back into Intel at any time, the master key will be there with its description. However, upon trying to open any locked door, the master key cannot be selected from the inventory since it is not there. I am not having this issue with any other keys that only unlock certain parts of the castle. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Platform: PS4


I found that the master key seemed to do virtually nothing, I felt that just about all the doors I ever wanted to unlock needed the lockpick or another key! Wonder if it’s the same thing. Xbox.