Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Tried to do the Wet Bandit challenge in Whittleton Creek and it doesn’t seem to be unlocking…




See if this works for you. You mighy have to restart your platform first and btw next time try using the search engine in the forum first, its a good way to find out if people already have posted a solution. Good luck



Its a known bug. Wait for the patch and btw next time try using the search engine in the forum first, its a good way to find out if people already have posted about something. This is being posted everyday so IO knows of this. Have some patience and hopefully its fixed with the next patch. Good luck



In Sgàil, you can’t hear anything through the peepholes. Doesn’t seem to be intended, a good example is watching Blake Nathaniel talk to the necklace security operator via peephole.

In Marrakesh at night - A House Built on Sand, the instinct highlights for cabling objects do not appear:

Hitman 2016:

Hitman 2:

In the first part of the collage, you can see the highlight visuals near the fan bug out.



hitman 2 legacy paris photobomb bugged ps4 she just puts down the cam then just walks away she doesn’t even talk to the target at all ! the target goes to the interview be she no where to be found!



I have a problem in some HITMAN 2 maps, the map just doesn’t have the shadows right, just all the map is a crazy squared shadow.



There appears no trigger prompt when you select the trigger of a planted remote explosive in 50% of time.

This is on PC and very annoying.



By freak chance, I was doing an elimination with the DAX Covert and managed to headshot an NPC standing in front of the NPC I was eliminating, so I think that the second (or subsequent) shot is passing through the eliminated NPC and wherever that shot lands is voiding Perfect Shooter. Or possibly it’s firing bullets when it’s not supposed to be doing that at all, meaning the NPC “dies” as soon as you eliminate them and you’re shooting bullets through them somehow during the animation.

In any case, I can semi-confirm that actual bullets are being fired during certain pistol/SMG eliminations, meaning they can hit things other than the person being eliminated.



+1 for the Discover Paris challenge being stuck on 38/39. I counted the locations on my map and there are exactly 39 uniquely named locations with no undiscovered markers. I also spent a lot of time making sure there are no unmarked locations.

Unlike some others I didn’t play any escalations or contracts before getting this bug, just 3-4 playthroughs of the main mission.

Platform is PC.

Please help this is triggering my ocd.

Edit: here’s screenshots of my map:



Seconding this. This has happened to me on Hawkes Bay and I’m stuck at 1/6 despite unlocking the entire map. I suspect it’s because my first run of the mission was offline and i discovered 5 of 6 locations in that run before going back to play it again and finding the last location (the roof) while connected to the servers.

Can anyone with a discovery bug on ANY MAP possibly recall if they were playing offline when they initially discovered some locations? If we can narrrow down the cause maybe this super irritating bug might be easier to fix for ioi.

Edit: just wanted to mention my platform is PS4



I’ll do one better, I initially declined the TOS on first start up, just to see if it would close the game. It didnt, and I messed around in Hawkes Bay. Later, I restarted the game, accepted the TOS, and played normally. In the map, the locations never reset even though no content is supposed to be saved if youre offline. So for some reason, playing in offline mode saves location discoveries but doesnt save to a challenge, making them impossible to complete when re-entering online.




Platform: PS4
Description of the issue:
Aiming with firearms has 3 issues:

  1. When you aim right after the cutscene, the camera needs to “calibrate”. So it is not possible to make a precise shot right after cutscene. I made a short comparison of Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 to see the difference.The issues I call are in slow motion.

  2. If you stay too close to an objective or the wall, the pistol’s crosshair doesn’t stay at the same position. The point wanders away, instead of staying at the same point. Attached video also shows a comparison of Hitman 2016. You can see the crosshair always stays at the exact same position in Hitman 2016. In Hitman 2 the point wanders away. This cause a lot of missed shots and random unprecise aiming, especially in small and narrow rooms.

  1. You get a short “screen freez” when you do shots right after the mission begins (the best location to reproduce it is, if you start in sgail a contract at the harbour:
    Take out your pistol and shoot right after the cutscene. The screen freezes for a second when the pistols is at the highest point of recoil. The same happens with the sniper rifle.
    While the screen freezes the PS4 controller is vibrating until the freez ends. All shots after that freez are precise without freez.
    At the end of the video i started at the Constant Tower and did the same without getting a screen freez.
    This “screen freez” is maybe related to the “camera calibration” issue and the mix of a highly detailed point you aim at + the delayed “camera calibration” could cause this problem.


So do I. There is no undiscovered area, I revealed them all. but it’s still 51/52. The bug is in the challenge “Discover Mumbai”.



Location:Bangkok (Club 27, master mode)

I just completed my run, but there was something wrong.
No one spotted me and I was not recorded.
This run did unlock the challenge “Silent Assassin, Suit Only,” but I only got 4 stars.
Also, the challenge “No Evidence” was not unlocked.
Does anyone commit suicide in the hotel(like the gardener in Patient Zero)?

Edit: this issue was patched on Jan 22.



I have a few, generally sniper related bugs to report.

I’m pretty sure if an NPC dies by the hand of another NPC, for example, Sierra Knox killing the mascot, you cannot get Sniper Assassin. Just a guess, as I’ve flawlessly done that level multiple times using only the sniper rifle and I still don’t get Sniper Assassin.
I thoroughly planned a very precise and cool way to not only get Sniper Assassin but also Silent Assassin, Suit only in the one playthrough but no matter how flawlessly I execute the plan. I do not get Sniper Assassin. I DO, however, get Silent Assassin EVEN THOUGH it says zero points for being spotted (I was never spotted), EVEN THOUGH I only used a sniper rifle for kills, EVEN THOUGH I only killed the targets. It may be because the NPC killed someone and that kill is attributed to me, somehow so now I don’t qualify for “targets only” but, once again in that case, why did it give me Silent Assassin and not Sniper? It may also be because I hid the bodies and that somehow bugs it out?
It’s bugged to high hell and back by the looks of it.

There’s also the rampantly bad guard AI when trying to do Sniper Assassin challenges. Particularly on Mumbai and Whittleton Creek. I’m sure you know, you snipe the targets from a distant location with a silenced rifle and then literally every guard associated with your targets comes and swarms your location, pointing their guns RIGHT AT YOU from any distance even though they haven’t even seen you. There’s no “Engaging” there’s no orange dudes, in fact, if you show your face for just a moment they either get suspicious or flat out just start firing at you.

Completely invalidates the Sniper Assassin challenge. Especially if you’re trying to do a suit only run. As it stands, I’ve only been able to break the AI by hiding in a box/cupboard or changing disguises. Sometimes you don’t have that luxury, especially on the challenges where you have to snipe from a particular tower. Pleeeeeease fix this.



Display error or something




@Octypus same for me.



@Octypus @Hardware
It’s because they removed it from the packagedefiniton.txt file

Probably on accident I’m assuming.

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Another display error, finished challenges in sniper assassin mode, game says zero xp earned from challenges.





There is a bug with the new “Feats” category of challenges added to the mission The Source. They were apparently supposed to be there and were mistakenly not included, and the latest patch corrected this. However, they do not work in Contracts Mode, even though the “Feats” category is supposed to be unlockable there and is in fact unlockable on every other map that has these challenges.

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