Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Was in the mission during arriving the ET and after quitting a mission ran onto this.
Why? This never happened in HITMAN 2016. Why it happens in HITMAN 2?
This is not convenient to close the game and log in again only to have the ET playable.
Needs to fix

And starting from Murillo Diana’s voice is almost inaudible in the opening cutscene.
To hear what she says you need to increase the volume to maximum. But at the same time the background music and sounds become extremely loud and overlap Diana’s speech


You need to update your game.


It is IOI need to make it download on the go


They can’t because the update is handled by Steam.


Strange. This issue wasn’t in HITMAN 2016. That game is also on Steam


I remember having to update Hitman 2016 each time an ET was released, I also remember them doing maintenance each time.


For me previous game was updating on the go and I always been able to play ETs without quitting the game


This isn’t new, but both leather briefcases don’t open when frisked

There is heavy clipping on the Winter Sport Suit and Elite Guard Uniform, especially around the hands

The rude ruby can be reloaded (intended) but doesn’t show any ammo left

Sometimes, especially after a fight, unarmed NPC’s keep going “huh” “what” ‘‘hmm’’ etc. It only resolves when KO’d and woken up again


Bug, PC: You can’t put the RFID mine into a pickup. (Tested with a small one)


Maybe the last location is the sniper map for Colorado? The mission that’s part of the other campaign, Patient Zero?


Playing The Appraiser elusive target I was happy to find that the glitch that turns targets around when be silently attacked is still working. This is sarcasm in case you haven’t noticed. It ruined my SA rating and got me killed with the first 12 minutes. I was facing directly behind her and it still spun her around. Can someone please fix this now after countless frustrating levels and retries? Even tons of YouTubers have complained about this. Please FIX IT.


If there is one really, really annoying glitch it’s the punch glitch. Did it twice earlier today within the space of about half an hour. Clearly “garotte” marker on the screen . . . oh, no, not a garotte, they’ve defied physics, spun 180 and got a punch in the face within . . . what’s the refresh rate?

When the game is supposed to offer a reward but a bug in the game affects it - and this is what the punch-glitch does - then that really is annoying to the point of stopping playing, which is exactly what I did with the first hitman game (“Black hat” ET - hacker in loft of Paris - lost me SA even though it was perfectly set up). So I dropped it after that point. I am currently enjoying HM2 but this is probably the one thing that’d put me off.


It sucks that it ruined the game for you. I wish they’d fix it… it’s definitely become a big issue. It ruined my first HM2 elusive target and it’s ruined several elusive targets for youtubers and such which is terrible…


Yeah, I thought the same thing so I played that mission and still nothing.


Bug : 47’s Signature Suit is left disfigured after the opening animation. Doesn’t seem to affect other suits.
Bug Bypass : If the opening animation is skipped(47 climbing up the dock ladder), the suit isn’t affected.
Images :


Midnight Black one looks the same strange. It begaves the same, but the lining is red.
Also for me it shown like on screen on the all standard suit locations in any situation. But after rechanging it back it returns to normal


Not enough coins apparently. This is the PC version on Steam.


So this bug still didn’t get fixed. (platform: PC; game version: latest (the one that added The Appraiser))

NOTE: This at least happens on Colorado and Santa Fortuna, but it is almost certain that these are not the only two.
When playing an Escalation or in Contracts Mode, you can discover places while not incrementing the Challenge count to discover the place. As a result, you can never get the Challenge if you discover a place in a different Mode than in a main Mission.

This video showcases its effects in Colorado:


Bug: Knockout gas/fumigation yields “Body found”
System: PC / Steam
I am fairly certain that (for instance) using sedative in the fumigation machine to knock out the people in the house in Whittleton Creek previously would go unnoticed (unless someone new enters the house), but I instantly got “body found” both in Whittleton Creek and when doing the Author and using the smoke machine (and no, it’s not the one crew member who walks in and out of the room, I made sure he was in).


I had trouble with this one before the last patch or two. Some discussion in another thread resulted in me getting advice from forum member @sprinkz. I believe not doing anything to the morgue doctor is important.

"Just go straight to the morgue first, (don’t interfere with any NPC’s on the way) stealth choke all the guards and hide bodies, get the nurse to turn away (use a discarded pistol or coin) or what you do best, grab the Janus disguise

"I went straight up the stairs from the morgue, across the glass bridge and waited on the bridge till I see her (with instinct) walk close to the other side of door, then I walked in and faced her, job done for me

“obviously don’t worry about getting spotted or killed at that point seeing as you only want the challenge to pop (do a save before you jump out on her) and if and when the challenge pops just reload the save and go lay in the coffin to do that challenge or whatever you need to do”

This method worked for me.