Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


@Ibbe040 i can access online features in other games



If you look at the mini map it shows that the body was never moved :thinking:



Allow Hitman 2 in your firewall or try disable your anti virus for Hitman 2 if its blocking it. If its already disabled and you still can’t go online then reinstall the game, but first do some google research and look if you can find any similiar issues.



@Ibbe040 belive me, i did anything, i searched everything, disabled my firewall and reinstalled the game again… the same bug keeps happening to me. everytime i log in, i cant go online! only offline… i dont even know how to use this forum. do you know how i can contact mods / staff? :confused: ive been trying this whole day to fix this annoying bug.



Hello, anyone at IOI. I was playing contracts earlier and ended up appearing twice on the Xbox leaderboard for “GARBAGE DAY!!!” (see post in “Whittleton Creek”). I thought this was a slight glitch in communication but then did another contract (3-06-6978674-06) to check the telephone electrocution bug and I appear twice on that top ten, too, but this time it couldn’t obviously be the run I was doing as it was slower than the score I already had in the leaderboard. I haven’t seen anyone else appearing twice in the leaderboards but someone has confirmed that I do appear twice.



I’ve now tried the Doing The Rounds achievement 5 times, the most recent of which was me following a walkthrough point for point. This needs to be fixed on Steam. @Travis_IOI



On PC, in instances where 47 can talk to an NPC (i.e. pressing G to interact) and is in close proximity to a spot interaction (requiring holding down G to interact), he will start blending in with that spot interaction as well regardless of player intention. This didn’t occur in 2016. An example case shot from Sapienza:

Also, I’m not sure if this is intended, but 47 always starts off with the pistol equipped (one selected in the preparation menu), unlike 2016 where no item is at all. See image above for reference as well.

Finally, the game UI that pops up during Nightcall (upon locating the safe room opening mechanism) does not obey the setting for disabling difficulty indicator. For example, with that setting set to [off]:



Here is another misleading translation for the Ghost Mode Challenges. In french, we are asked to kill ALL (toutes) targets with explosive kills (so the five), but in fact we only have to kill the fifth target with explosive.

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Not getting appropriate rating

I played the “Exchange of Professions” Featured Contract.
Began as a grey suit guy (archeologist or whatever), dropped a coin at the angle near the helicopter, under the middle-age hanging prison cage, waited for both targets to be below, and shot the chain and then escaped in the helo. Total time: 1:22 (I know there have been faster times, but it’s still an okay performance). I got 87,916 points.

Yet, I get 0 points for “objectives completed”, however in my XP progression I get silent assassin; but it does not display in the missing rating. I get 4 stars only.

Also, for the 1:22 time, I only get 7k points, but unless I’m mistaken, the guy who did it in 0:45 got like 100k points for the time. Isn’t the scale a bit weird? (I’m not here for the score, so I don’t care, but I just find it weird is all)



That’s (partly) why I never play games in French, always in English with subtitles. Even in official movies subtitles, they sometimes make translation mistakes that someone with an humble level in English like me can easily spot. I wonder where on Earth they find their translators… (also, to get back to Hitman, maybe it’s just because the objective evolved over time but they did not update the translation files).

This game is riddled with bugs anyway…

It’s a wonder why they still haven’t fixed bugs like ennemies being able to throw grenades through walls, spot you through walls or doors or floors, and all the other painful bugs we have to deal with.

“Silver Edition”, “Gold Edition”, “GOTY Edition”… I would rather buy a “Bug-Free Edition” really. Sigh. Money, money, money… Sigh…



IIRC you have to kill them dressed in a particular disguise and with a particular weapon. Not entirely sure about “objective completed” XP but suspect it’s broken (such things appear during the game for no apparent reason sometimes). The time problem is possibly correct but again I’m not sure, the calculation seems to be a base score for time multiplied by a factor based on the starts you’re awarded, perhaps losing that star means no factor is applied?



Completing objectives gets you a higher time bonus than someone that simply completing the contract.

Also i’m pretty sure the XP screen shows xp for previous playthroughs too, since it often shows me things like ‘silent assassin’ and ‘guard headshot’ which are obviously contradicting.

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Yeah it sure does. Ive noticed that if I didn’t exit the same map the latest time I was there, all the xp and challenges completed will show up in the next time I exit the map. Thats why sometimes it says you are level 0 or 0 score in xp

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Tuk-tuk exit is no longer functional during The Source Mission (patient zero campaign) in Bangkok

Platform: PC (steam)

This used to work (and yes I know you need to repair it with wrench fist), the icon for exit shows up once you use the wrench, but you can’t actually access it anymore

Was mentioned here:

I played the mission and had the same issue

EDIT: February 27, 2019. Even after the latest patch/update this bug remains on the PC version. Also note it is broken in all versions of the map (club 27, The Source and contracts). No use icon even after repairing it:

There is no one near it, nothing blocking me from walking close to it or around it, I’m not in any kind of suspicious or hunted mode, the use-widget just never appears (and yes I am aware of how this tuktuk works, I’ve used it many times before it became broken and in the previous game before it was a legacy mission)

I can make a video of this if you really need me to


HITMAN 2 February 2019 Game Update 2.14

The weapon was optional, of that I’m pretty sure. I’ll launch the game to check for the disguise to wear (EDIT: no disguise was mandatory, which means it’s not the cause, but nice idea anw).

Anyhow, there is a discrepency between the XP and the Mission stats regarding both “silent assassin” and “objectives complete” lines.

You may be right for the time factor… Maybe it’s a bonus that is applied only if the main objective is completed (however it would mean that I failed the mission, if the disguise was mandatory… right? so I should have gotten a game over screen instead of a success screen with 0 pts for “mission complete”)

Here is the screenshot of the mission objectives, no disguise is mandatory:



You did not fulfill all objectives as you have to use the weapons displayed for each target. The check-mark you see on the targets only mean you killed them. Not that you killed them in the intended way.

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I’m not sure to follow you here. You mean that “optional” weapons specified for the contract, if not used, get you 0 points for the “objectives completed” line? Why on Earth would it ever be the case? The word “optional” has a meaning that should be respected. IMHO.

I actually was silent assassin because it was an accident and nobody spotted me or whatever (confer stats in previous screenshot).

I could understand if I didn’t get a slight bonus for not having respected a couple of optional complications, but in any case I should not get stripped of my “silent assassin” status and ranking.

IMHO they should add a line like “bonus for optional complications” but nothing more. It should absolutely not degrade the rating that much! (I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here?)



These are optional complications. It should not matter much, just add a slight bonus in the end. Nothing more. Plus, it does not explain the discrepencies between the stats on the left and on the right on my original post. The left says “objectives completed”, the right says they aren’t. The left says “silent assassin”, the right denies it.

There definitely is something wrong here…



That is correct. If you don’t follow the optional objectives then you can’t get the silent assassin rating. If someone were to make a contract that specified the scarecrow disguise in Colorado, and you used any guard disguise then it means you made it easier for yourself, whereas they did something more challenging. You need to be rated on the same conditions. Time is only one basic factor.

The reason it says ‘optional’ is because there is also an option to force the contract to fail immediately if the specified conditions aren’t followed.



Italy Sapienza
challenge:The Living Dead
I can’t finish the challenge.
Maybe it’s a bug.