Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


These are optional complications. It should not matter much, just add a slight bonus in the end. Nothing more. Plus, it does not explain the discrepencies between the stats on the left and on the right on my original post. The left says “objectives completed”, the right says they aren’t. The left says “silent assassin”, the right denies it.

There definitely is something wrong here…


That is correct. If you don’t follow the optional objectives then you can’t get the silent assassin rating. If someone were to make a contract that specified the scarecrow disguise in Colorado, and you used any guard disguise then it means you made it easier for yourself, whereas they did something more challenging. You need to be rated on the same conditions. Time is only one basic factor.

The reason it says ‘optional’ is because there is also an option to force the contract to fail immediately if the specified conditions aren’t followed.


Italy Sapienza
challenge:The Living Dead
I can’t finish the challenge.
Maybe it’s a bug.


I can’t complete the challenge exploring Sapienza. It is stuck at 46/47. I have scoured the in game map and cannot find anywhere that is unexplored. There is no mark for an unexplored location in any of the scenarios (World of Tomorrow, The Author, Landslide or The Icon) I have seen this issue mentioned for many other locations as well. I feel like I have explored all available locations, but it is possible I have not. The map is not reflecting that though.

This is on a PC by the way, if that makes a difference.


You need to lay down in the coffin and wait for the priest to come in to get the challenge completed.
Start at the harbor then go to the morgue and lay down in the coffin. Priest will come to bless 47 at about 3-4 minutes in game time


[ Ps4Goldedition Legacy intalled ]
It’s a minor thing but the blonde girl at the entrance is ‘‘programmed’’ to look at the direction 47 comes from.When I start inside the event area and exit from the base entrance I always find her looking at the wall!!She even invites me to the inovative race!!I have to bump her every to time to make her ‘‘work’’ and look at the direction of newcomers.
Also there are several problems after 1.08 update while grabbing bodies.Many times the arm 47 grabs tend to disappear.Once at Colombia I managed to hide a body inside a crate when the ‘‘Dump’’ prompt appeared , and then the body was still lying down in front of me because 47 didn’t grab him the right way…
Finally the Marakesh bodyguard in front of Shisha is still totally muted when he is supposed to ask for that ‘‘invite…please’’ and this particular bug is driving my OCD crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope IOI will fix soon many minor bugs after solving the main problem with the ‘‘spotted’’ issue!!!


I understand your POV, but mine is that the wording is poorly chosen, if what you say is true.

“Optional” has a very precise definition. If what you describe is true, it should have been named “bonus”, not “optional”.

What Collins says about “optional” is this: “adjective possible but not compulsory; left to personal choice.
Now about “bonus”: “A bonus is an extra amount of money that is added to someone’s pay, usually because they have worked very hard.

These “optional” objectives should be renamed as “bonus” objectives. I know I am being very strict about word usage, but words have meanings, and they should be used appropriately.

Therefore, as long as the “normal” rules for “silent assassin” rating are respected (no bodies found, blah blah), you should get the silent assassin rating. And if you desire to accomplish the additional bonus complications, then your score gets increased by a certain amount of points. But it should be a bonus, not the other way around. Otherwise don’t call these complications “optional”.

I know you don’t make the rules @Hatch, and I thank you kindly for explaining this issue to me, but I humbly ask @Travis_IOI to revise this. Either the scoring system, or the wording.

Thank you all for your participation! (even though this issue is only the tip of the iceberg, please first fix serious bugs likes grenades flying through walls, ennemies spotting you through concrete, things like that)

Hitman is my favorite franchise ever, please please do not make it another L4D2… A great game but riddled with so many unfixed bugs…


3 months have passed. And you write something that you fixed a car malfunction in Miami (when a mined car is not destroyed by an explosion) … But you just did not fix it !!! so it remained so !! 3 months you can not fix it !! okay, you can’t suitcase (cool), but there’s no way of killing it and that’s not normal !! If you really corrected, then get into contact with me.


In Whittleton Creek I Was Just Messing Around In A Shed, As I Blow Up A That One White Rubber Duck From The Blood Money Requiem Pack In The Travel Suitcase, Guards Come To Investigate (as usual) But When They Are Done Investigating One Guard Does The Infinite Picking Up Animation, I’m On Xbox btw
video evidence


Sapienza Patient Zero… clean flawless run, yet … 4 stars. Why oh why does this bug keep cropping up!


Someone kills themselves after some time, probably requires going near them to trigger the sequence. It’s quite possible to do a five-star run, though. The details are in another thread (or maybe this one actually) but I can’t remember who kills themselves or where 47 needs to avoid.



This may explain the random +25 BODY HIDDEN message I got while slinking around the church… guess I’ll try to … retry. And be very careful of civilians.


@clckr explains it all here


I believe that was part of the discussion, that’s the dead body landing in the sea. Ibbe040 has put the relevant link in.


I have 3 bugs, on Hokkaido if you leave a body or commit a crime in the garage with the snowmobile under the spa, NPCs up above in the spa will sometimes see through the floor causing you to be compromised and sending guards to investigate. Also in any playthrough on a normal mission outside of contracts or escalations security cameras and the recordings in security rooms don’t spawn in although you can hear the recordings beeping, makes not getting spotted sorta easy though. And my third bug is when using cover to position my simple reticle over an enemy or object before aiming and firing with the t-shaped one, my aimpoint shifts upon moving to fire.


Terminus Suit has clipping issues around the neck.
My platform is PC.


In the recent update, I encountered a problem. When I clicked on it, it disappeared for a few seconds, and then it was still the interface. No problem before it was updated.Snipaste_2019-02-01_18-22-55 Uploading: Snipaste_2019-02-01_18-23-22.png…


the game crashed every 5 min Xbox one x


Another little bug still not corrected since the release, when we shoot on the furniture (bed, sofa, etc …), the feathers are oversized.