Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Sigh, I drowned him in the toilet and failed, it just says eliminate Wu Yang in an accident as a Kronstadt mechanic. MISSION FAILED. Thats it.


Strange, who did you take the Kronstadt mechanic disguise from?


The guy in the doctors office


Ahhh that’s the crashed Kronstadt driver. It’s classed as a Kronstadt driver disguise. Its not the same as the mechanic disguise. Only the disguises in the Kronstadt pitstop works.
Take a disguise from a mechanic in the Kronstadt pitstop and it should 100% work :grin:

Tell me if it still doesn’t work


Nice, I hope it works, going in…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you, you’re correct!


Nice. Enjoy :grin:



  1. I’m having a lot of trouble with aiming. The camera insists on slowly moving down so as to make nearly every shot or throw at best only nearly accurate and at worst totally useless. It makes arranging a shot nearly impossible. I have tried other controllers and all have acted the same. I don’t have this problem with any other game. I use the Y axis inverted. Is there any remedy for this?
  2. In Patient Zero Hokkaido the scoring is totally out of wack. I have played it many times and have not been spotted but I always get 0 score for being spotted. Whats going on?
    Can anybody help with these very frustrating anomalies.


Forgot to mention I’m playing on Xbox One


In Absolution Suit, 47s shirt clips through his tie while crouching.
Im playing on PC.


I use Xbox, I don’t know about the aiming but the PZ problem is well-known and explained elsewhere - bottom line is it needs IOI to fix it, it is currently impossible to get SA.


Paris (Legacy).

This dude no longer goes anywhere when jabbed with the emetic syringe. He just stands still while complaining about feeling sick.


enough to make you want to shoot him in the face, I expect!


Water glitch is back since latest Nvidia driver version 418.81. Exactly the same effect as when the game was released 3 months ago.


Same problem Xbox one


None of the explosives will open locked doors. I tried every explosive in my inventory and none of them will unlock any locked doors.


It has been over 2 years and the apartment building in Landslide is still inaccessible without a lockpick. Seriously @Travis_IOI this needs to be dealt with, it has been this way since Landslide first came out and it’s never changed.


Isn’t that intentional, since the apartment there is no longer ICA’s, but normal civillian one? (It’s still annoying tho.)


I doubt this is as much a bug as it is an oversight, but just in case it is, see the pic. But if not, it should be corrected anyway (IMO). This happens also with the small braziers around the crows hideout. (These) Flames + leaking PT aren’t exploding the PT.



There is a pretty severe bug I am experiencing on Bangkok Club 27 (PS4) I have completed all other classic challenges on master in every map in the game, I have also completed all professional classic challenges on Bangkok but now when I attempt to complete master on Bangkok the challenges do not want to unlock for me. I have now completed master SASO about 6 times on Bangkok (H2 btw) but still no challenges unlock which is preventing me from recieving the classics 1 coin reward. Being a long time hardcore fan of the series I can assure you that I am doing nothing wrong during my playthroughs that could be effecting my SASO rating? Thanks.


Well I read the information about “The Author” and that “Jeff” who runs off the cliff. I found him, and I even STOPPED him from going off the cliff, silently, without notice, AND I killed the two targets silent and without notice, and I STILL CANNOT GET A 5 STAR FINISH…

Geezus IOI, fix this shit! I guess there is also a stupid-ass OBVIOUS bug as well in the last mission of Patient Zero too??? SIGH