Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Check the detailed breakdown. Jeff was probably discovered.


This Silent assassin bug seems to be a thing lately in some locations. I only have the master classic challenges on Bangkok left to complete and I have finished it now with a perfect SASO run through yet I’m never rewarded at the end of it all. Hope they roll out a fix asap.


See here:


I wouldn’t be suprised if he wasn’t discovered. I’m having issues with the rating system as well even with perfect playthroughs.


Thank you! I’ve been asking for days now trying to figure out what’s going on and I was thinking I’m the only one experiencing this issue. Good to know I’m not alone.


My Unreasonable Scope hasn’t unlocked either.


No, you might be mistaking it with The Author from Patient Zero. In Landslide you still have the room key to your ICA safehouse and you’re not trespassing in it, in fact you can have a drop off there.

You’re locked out of the actual apartment building itself, not your room since you have a key. I can’t think of any reasoning behind the entire building being locked away from you while you’re still able easily access your room.


the duck bomb and no bombs that hitman throws or detonates does not make a loud exploding sound anymore like it always did please fix this. it explodes but makes no sound at all no audio period they are now silent bombs. in certain areas they make a exploding noise but only in certain areas. i play on steam pc


It’s definitely possible to get five stars, I did it to check after one patch or another and it still worked. If they’ve introduce something with the winter pack then I don’t know, though.


Can confirm it’s possible just look up a tutorial because you could be missing something. If I’m correct you gotta pull the fire alarm then hide on the casket.


Can we bring up how the miami suit with gloves is pink unlike the original


You need to lay in the coffin until the priest comes


Having a problem with the BBQ Season challenge in Sapienza on PS4. When placing the propane tank down the chimney above Caruso’s bedroom, it fails to explode and after the animation, the tank can be picked up again. Throwing the tank down the chimney will cause it to explode and kill Caruso but the challenge doesn’t count as completed. Link to YouTube video below to provide greater detail.

Edit: I’ve just attempted the challenge again and realised that I am a collossal moron. By looking at the picture provided for the challenge, I noticed that it appeared to be a very specific fireplace. My thick head then registered that the challenge is called ‘BBQ Season’ for a very specific reason. The propane flask MUST be dropped down via the “chimney” above the BBQ in the external rear of the Villa, across from the garden. Challenge completed.

Edit 2: However, it is still worth noting that there is a bug when trying to dump the propane flask down the chimney in Caruso’s bedroom.


I’m assuming you’ve used the remote breaching charge…? It’s the only explosive that will open a locked door.


That’s not correct. You can also open up doors with proximity/remote explosions, c4 explosion, micro explosion, propane tanks, fire extinguishers.


Seriously? Then I’m having the same issue. The only explosive opening doors for me is the remote breaching charge.


Trying to do smooth operator challenge in Bangkok I was luring them both to the queen suite to make it easier. Got Jordan downstairs started walking Morgan to his suite, Jordan saw him and started the interaction. I ran up to queen suite to get stalker disguise and Jordan in back in the recording studio and ken is looking at the tuk tuk. Jordan did start coming back down and went out back to talk to ken at the tuk tuk and they came to the queen suite. So it worked out but I don’t know how Jordan glitched back to the studio


The level is deliberately designed that way. It’s not a bug.


Still possible to climb up the pipe up the stairs from the stage, though, isn’t it? Or go through the houses and so on. Then use the key in the back door or climb up to the flat above then go down the stairs.


Why would the entire building lock out a person renting a room there? Especially one that has a key to his room. It makes no sense that a building would require people to either pick a lock or climb a pipe in a tresspassing area.