Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Currently experiencing a water bug again, as of latest NVIDIA drivers, on Season 1 missions. I would use more technical verbiage, but I’m nearly certain I wouldn’t use it correctly, so here’s a picture instead.
On Windows 10, PC. Can post hardware if requested.


You need to downgrade your driver to 417.71


Clothed Sean 2 could really use some socks… or legs in general.


No table shadow :sob:



Spoted a couple bugs om Hokaido (Sitius Inversius).

  • Satring in the morgue with the winter sport gear will get you hunted without leaving the bed.
  • The 5mm custom can be reloaded (+infinite ammo): didn’t test it on other levels
  • Water still bugged in the couryard.

Other spoted bugs:

  • Striker & Silverball not chrome anymore
  • Conceleable batton and mesuring tape inventory icon bugged
  • Fish not in the weapon side of inventory


You’re not alone with that bug, I’m on Windows 7 and have the same issue with water.


I’m on PC, and I took this screen-shot just the other day. I was not able to reload this gun. Not even dropping it and letting a guard take it would reload it (that used to work in 2016). Are you on a console version?.. Or maybe there’s some other factor that determines if this gun can be reloaded.


The gun started in case (ICA drop). An it’s the PC version


Ah. I thought it was still reloadable… I set it as my default gun. Maybe that’s the key.


Just had somebody disconnect on me in Ghost Mode when I had a 4-0 lead. It didn’t say ‘Winner’ and so I didn’t get the XP.


I just completed The Fugitive, and used the poison syringe to kill him outside near the balcony. No one saw me, I didn’t get caught on CCTV and I wasn’t compromised. It even said ‘unnoticed kill’. So I exited via the cable car - again, I wasn’t compromised - and I got 3 stars!! WTH?? I even watched the footage back to make sure that it was a perfect silent assassin run and it definitely was.
Anyone got any ideas of what has caused this? Been playing the new Hitman games since 2016 so consider myself a bit of a veteran but this has completely baffled me.


To my knowledge, they are fixing the bug with SA as the rating can say that you’ve been compromised even if you haven’t. That could possibly be why it’s extra bugged right now.
They are also going to implant a SA indicator (according to their twitter) in the hud or tab as you play so you’ll know what your rating is in-game


Did you throw the body over the balcony? Are you sure that the body wasn’t found by a patient or a gardener? Also, there’s a guard on the floor below. He may have seen the body falling. Guards notice bodies falling from higher levels, it happens in Sniper Assassin. Could the helicopter pilot have seen you?


Also, it would be nice if you could post the video so that we can see.


I didn’t throw the body over the balcony because I poisoned him so I didn’t need to.

The body wasn’t found, and it shouldn’t matter even if it was because it was a poison unnoticed kill.

Thanks for your replies anyway guys. I was just annoyed ‘cos I want to get the 5 SA elusive targets done and dusted to get the winter suit but this has obviously put me back by one.


Yes, you’re right, poison kills shouldn’t affect the SA rating. It would still be nice to see the video though.


Did it say “Searching” when you exited the map? I’ve seen something about that sometimes affecting the SA rating. Can you go to the leaderboard and tell us what you lost points for?

Edit: From memory, some people weren’t getting SA on poison kills for the second ET, if they exited whilst it said “Searching”.


Nah there wasn’t a searching status. As I said it was a perfect run.

I don’t have my laptop on me at the moment so wouldn’t be able to upload the video.

I lost points for being compromised, and the cctv footage one (complete BS as I was extra careful not to go near the one by the restaurant).

I wouldn’t be complaining if I knew for sure that I messed up, but I’m 100% confident that I should have got SA. Oh well it’s done now but this has really soured the elusive target experience for me.


When you’re able to upload it, do it please. I would like to see it.


i thought there was supposed to be a patch today. Anyway like i stated before, when the ENEMY SHOOTS at you with the Shashka A33 H rifle, there are NO SOUND EFFECTS, only bullet impacts are heard, happens in Marrakesh, Colombia, ICA Cuba Mission ect.