Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


That’s just people that are ragequitting scum. We all have to deal with them though, unfortunately. It’s not a bug.


The fact that it didn’t award me a win was a bug.


No, it’s not. I’ve never heard of anybody being awarded a win when the other player quits; it always counts as a disconnect and nobody gets XP.


Yes, it was a bug.


Thafuq? I’ve never once seen that when somebody’s quit on me.


I was going through The Source and noticed it had the chameleon challenge, but whenever I dressed as anyone related to Jordon Cross it didn’t go up, that’s when I noticed that this challenge has 8 disguises listed but there are actually 11 disguises for the map.

This feels like a really weird oversight.


I’m not sure, but I’d guess that it counts towards all Bangkok disguises. So, if you’ve used the Jordan Cross (related) disguises in the normal level - that’s where they counted towards the Chameleon Challenge.


The regular and The Source challenges are separate.


when im playing the india mission in some areas im only getting 40 fps. this seems to happen with most of the hitman 2 missions and my pc hardware is very capable to run this game it seems that everyone is having this issue. i play on steam


This arguably belongs in the #hitman-technical-support section, rather than the bug thread.


I’m having an issue on ‘The Icon’. I’ve completed everything; all assassination challenges, all discovery challenges and all Classic challenges but my feats are stuck at 11/12 with the final one being “Complete all Mission Stories in the mission.” and “Complete four assassination challenges in the mission.”. I’ve done both of these things but the feat won’t unlock which means I can’t unlock ‘The Iconator’. Anybody else having this issue or know how to resolve it?


Follow the mission stories using the in-game guide. Sometimes a mission story might show as completed, but it’s not because you haven’t followed the exact steps in the game.


Only time this has happened to me is with Lights Out mission story in Paris. The feat mission story challenge wouldn’t register 3/3 just because I didn’t follow one step correctly as it’s intended to be followed. I had to use the crowbar to sabotage the light rig instead of detonating an explosion or it could have been that Viktor had to make his speech to some point and then kill him with the light rig.

There are some mainly in Whittleton Creek & Santa Fortuna that constantly gets mentioned not being awarded the feat challenge but it says in the mission story tab that it’s completed. You just have to turn on the guidance in settings and follow the mission story step by step.

The thing with The Icon is that you can’t see which feat mission story challenge wasn’t registered that you need to retry, so best is to just do them all again but do them accordingly the hints

I also know a guy that had the “master assassin” feat challenge stuck on 4/5 so he redid them all again and I think he got it


This easter egg is currently broken in Hitman 2. The bells do not appear.


Well turns out this isn’t a bug and it was removed on purpose.


I’ve never tried thie ee myself so I might be wrong, but I’ve seen videos that show that you also can shoot down the rotating helicopter for the multiple moose to come crashing down.
Maybe they removed the bells for H2 and only way to do step 3 is to shoot down the heli?


That wasn’t the intended way to do the easter egg


Pretty sure Discover Hokkaido is bugged. Ignoring GAMA Hospital entries on the map, I’ve separated out the locations I see on my Map by level to help count them up:

13 on Level 0: Amos Dexter’s Room, 47’s Room, Cable Line, Guest Room, Yuki’s Room, Kitchen, Staff Area, Laundry Room, Changing Room, Medical Staff Sleeping Quarters, Loading Bay, Walkway, Guard Room

11 on Level 1: Organ Storage, Stem Cell Supply, Morgue, Security Room, Garden, Maintenance Room, Sakura Sushi, Onsen Hot Spring, Yoga Platform, Foyer, Security Room

4 on Level 2: Helipad, Robot Surgery Control, Stem Cell Controls, Operating Theater

3 on Level 3: Rehabilitation Supervisor, Defibrillator Power, Director’s Office


Two briefcase bugs I have found:

  • When an item is taken from it, the Black Leather Briefcase has no opening animation, but the Leather Briefcase (the one that can be found in most Destinations) does
  • When shooting a pistol with a Briefcase equipped, it shoots a lot quicker and arguably less fluidly. When you drop the Briefcase, this continues until you holster your pistol, at which point after it shoots normally. Pick up your Briefcase, unholster your pistol and it shoots differently again.


In the Columbia mission, right after you go over the wall, if you take out the gardener, the hedge clippers fall to the ground and keep clipping by themselves.


Really annoying bug:

When in Whittleton Creek, informations you got in your previous playthrough in that level stays in your informations tab next time you start level.
It clearly shouldt be like that.