Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


You mean the intel tab? Then that’s not a bug.


The Winter Sports Suit has a shadow glitch, the chest part of the shadow is invisible but not the rest. You can clearly see what I’m talking about in this video, look at the shadow:


When you try to quickly retrieve a weapon from a briefcase while holding the same weapon in your hand, the game crashes to desktop. This does not happen if you pick up the case first and retrieve from the inventory menu. This is on PC running through Steam, and I have been able to recreate this bug every time I try it. Here’s a recording of the bug I made


I can’t say that I look at the Intel tab often so don’t know what goes on. Are you saying that if 47 picks up a key/reads something/whatever then that carries over from mission to mission? That doesn’t seem right but you indicate it isn’t a bug. I’m not trying to argue, rather, can you elaborate on how it works?


Can’t do the new elusive target because the game crashes. Also, the “Nvidia” water bug came back. Are you sure it’s really Nvidias fault?


Downgrading your gpu driver fixes it.


i heard of this nvidia water bug can someone please tell me what mission its on what it looks like?


I don’t play on PC, but from memory you see visual artifacts on the water, like blocks of pixels. Maybe somebody else can confirm. I’ve seen reports of it being shown in Hawke’s Bay and Hokkaido.


i noticed the first day hitman 2 came out the water fall in paris looks very different and awkward i dont like that one bit. the waterfall in paris on the hitman 2016 game looks so much better. i play on pc


I think that they’ve changed the animations and physics for some things. Pushing Yuki over the balcony, next to the cable car, looked very silly in H1. It looks a lot better in H2. The waterfall physics also look strange (next to helipad in Hokkaido), but I can’t remember if I was playing H1 or H2 when I noticed it (I was switching between games to try and discover a new Easter egg). I play on PS4.


HELP. Tell me, Paris, Explore Paris, one point remains, 38 out of 39, it is nowhere on the map. Did someone have a similar problem? How to solve it?


There seems to be a general bug with this; usual reports are that if an area is discovered in a contract it half-unlocks; it gets marked up in the map for the normal level but nothing is added to the count of “discovered areas”. Been reported quite a few times.


And how should I be? I passed everything in Paris - the achievement did not open. the closed area is not displayed on the map​:persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:


I think there’s a glitch with the White Yukata suit that you unlock after completing the Fugitive on the legacy pack. AS you can see in the following pictures, the symbol on the back is glitching through the actual suit.


Hitman 2 Gold Edition PC w/ legacy pack


Same here. As far as I know there is no workaround. We’ll have to wait for IOI to patch it.


This is some kind of horror. I thought the problem with the “photobomb” bug was last in Paris, as it turned out there is one more. Even in the first part of the game I didn’t see such problems.

Well, since there are no solutions, we will wait for the official fix


So what? Is that a problem?:grinning: The problem is when the achievements are not opened, or even some kind of bug due to which it is impossible to perform certain actions. In your case, this is just your attentiveness​:wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


It’s a valid bug. Minor, but valid.


It does not affect the passing of the game. Don’t talk nonsense


This is a bug thread. A bug is generally when something behaves in a way that isn’t intended. End of story.