Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


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Just because you don’t consider a bug important enough to report on, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reported


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I know. :wink::wink::wink:I just don’t like people who prove something and engages in conversation. I didn’t write anything specifically for this person. And he proves me the opposite. If he considers this bug are mistake, let him write separately about it, but doesn’t mention me

I hope I put it clearly?


Another bug. I am amazed at the number of mistakes in the game.

Mission Whittleton Creek. When dropping the body into the sewer, achievement does not open.
I tried to stun the target - did not help, killed the target - likewise, did not help.

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve a similar problem, or wait for an official fix?



Thank you man​:+1::+1::+1::+1:

It helped me, everything turned out)):wink::wink:



That women is definitely bugged, she sat away from her chair when I was playing earlier.


@Bjarne_IOI A few Hokkaido bugs whilst trying to find the Easter egg.

Despite the director meeting Yuki on the bridge, the area occasionally changes to ‘Trespassing’ when wearing the director’s disguise. Yuki’s voice also changed. Also, I’m not sure if this is intended or not, but you get frisked, whilst wearing the director’s disguise, when you try and enter her booth in the restaurant. Finally, if she’s knocked unconscious in the sauna, she’ll die, despite the temperature not being increased.

Edit: I must have uploaded the wrong video. The other one showed the trespassing bug, but this one just shows the voice bug. I’ve deleted the videos that I took, so I can’t upload it.


Guard is knocked out and placed inside of a closet but is still awake as an enforcer and reacts to distractions.

This happened in Mumbai in the tower. I was in the bathroom, lured some guards in there and knocked them out, placed them in the closet. Then I turned on the sink to try and lure in another person and instead it alerted the guard in the closet and no one else will respond to the sink because he’s trapped in there

Platform: PC (steam)

It’s hard to get screenshots while holding down alt to see him


HImmelstein challenges don’t give xp only permanent score multipliers

When you view a challenge it notes what the rewards are for them, XP would be listed on the challenge itself if it had any to give


All I’m saying is that the suit is glitched. It’s not like a need this glitch fixed, or I’ll never play this game again. I’m just letting IOI know that something’s not right.


I haven’t personally tested the White Yakuta out on a level yet so can’t say whether I’m having the same problem or not but I think it might actually be kinda cool to have the Gama logo on the back. Could’ve been in for surgery but thought “Fuck that, those robotic arms are scary as shit” and just fucking ran out of there.

  1. The logo on the back of the White Yukata continually flickers in and out of existence.

  2. It’s impossible to take the muffins from the crate to the right of the stall vendor, the one to the left of the default Whittleton Creek starting location


While doing the most recent Elusive Target on Hokkaido, I noticed that both of the ponds in the courtyard were popping in and out of existence.



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