Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


In Hitman 2 legacy pack Colorado, this laptop allows me to blend in as militia with the tactical gear on. Not sure if intended.


Does it keep you safe ? Or do you get spotted despite being on the laptop?


I tried 12 or 13 times to unlock sniper assassin challenge in Mumbai in master difficulty, it simply doesn’t want to unlock.
I used different sniper rifles, different suit at start (i keep it till the end of course).
I didn’t kill anyone except targets, i didn’t get spotted and I even destroyed video camera just in case.

By the way, during my 1st run I killed all targets with sniper, i got silent assassin but not sniper assassin…

I’m playing on PC


Enforcer dots turn to circles so I assume it works.

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The dot turns to a circle but you still get spotted and compromised. I tested it some months ago.


Isle of Sgail, Ark Society.
Map Level 4, Tower Storage Room

There is a baseball bat in the room with the gun powder in the constants tower. It shows up with instinct and if you get close it has a box as if you can pick it up, but there does not appear to be any position where you can stand that allows you to actually retrieve it from the box it’s shoved into.

Platform: PC (windows 10, steam)


The slam dunk challenge on the source is no longer possible since fire extinguishers don’t kill them or launch them, just knocks them down


Couple graphical glitches with the Midnight Suit. I didn’t wear it a second time, so I don’t know if this is recurring. I didn’t do anything weird, jut spawned in like normal from the beginning on the Isle. It also extends to his front, like he’s wearing a red belt.


I’ve got the challenge. It’s even harder than first time around, though, looking around on the internet a CX block seems to be needed, and even more particular placing of bodies and as many extinguishers as you can find (think I used 7). After about a thousand attempts it worked. Pretty sure MrFreeze2244 has a decent description on his channel.


there are a couple of others; Whittleton Creek has something like this, also a gun in a cabinet in Hawke’s Bay, and for a while at least the car bomb couldn’t be picked up in Miami after a reload


There are odd glitches with various clothes, I think it’s more than just the Midnight Black Suit, some dresses on the women also look weird when they didn’t in 2016.


I don’t have a screenshot or video available right now, so I’ll try to describe this bug the best I can.

In Marrakesh, in the Embassy, if you leave a body inside the room near the top of the stairs (if entering from underground garage) and don’t hide it in the container, the patrolling guard will see the body through the wall but only if you’re standing at the intersection of the two walkways closest to the central board room (the body would be inside the room to your 7:00 o’clock).

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There is a bug in the Featured Contract “Till Death us do apart” from the “Broken Hearts” special.
If you play the contract, there is absolutely no background music while playing the mission, only the environmental sound effects can be heard.

Please activate the background music for this location in contracts mode, since it adds immersion to the game. Thanks! The backgound music is missing in other Hitman 2 locations, too; like Miami.

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OK new drivers 419.17 for my 2080ti and guess what? Water is still fucked.


I am officially bummed as fuck.

I will call my self a hitman bum. =D


TLDR - micro remote explosive fails to set off propane tank depending on location/surface used

I was just working on a strategy for Mumbai (Master but doubt this is relevant) and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. The end result is that the micro remote explosive doesn’t detonate a propane tank. Thing is, it does in Hawke’s Bay as no doubt any number of people have already found out. I also found it not working somewhere else but can’t recall which map.

The technique was to hold the propane tank and drop the micro remote, same as breach charge method, but as Rangan is walking towards it it needs to be one he can’t see. This is on the slope down inside his tower, the one from 3 down to 2, at the bottom by the door but not too close to the 4x4 parked there. The micro remote blows up but the tank does nothing even if it’s leaking.

Is this because it’s on a slope and is blowing up underneath the surface or something like that? Anyway, I think it’s a bug.

Edit. It does work just outside this area, between the guard that smokes and the car I just mentioned, dropping it there is fine.


Another edit. Another location is Miami. The combination does work just outside the left/west entrance (using map north which has geographic north at the bottom) to the emergency bay but it does not work just outside the bottom/south entrance of the Kronstadt Paddock. Something to do with raised surfaces?

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First off, a new bug perhaps but after playing mumbai (Trying to get SA) after knocking the guard down the elevator shoot (Not pushing/eliminating him) his body was somehow unconscious. So either he’s able to withstand hitting his head on several metal pipes and a hard concrete floor or the game just doesn’t consider him dead from such a fall.


That’s not a bug.

That’s your answer

Npcs won’t die from falling off of something like the elevator shaft in Mumbai.
They take no damage from falling if you don’t push or dump them down.
Knocking them out with a wrench and them faling down the shaft won’t kill them. It’s a vert good strat to use sometimes :wink:


You need to use 417.71 not 419.17.


steamで Expansion Passを買おうと思っても「 ‘HITMAN 2 - Expansion Pass’ を購入するためには、 ‘HITMAN 2 – The Complete First Season Legacy Pack’ がアカウントに登録されている必要があります。エラー内容を修正してから、再度ご購入をお試しください」とメッセージが表示され購入できません


Jasně dobrej nápad. Budem tady teď všichni psát v naší mateřský řeči, určitě si pak všichni dobře budeme rozumět =D