Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Miami, same: I’d discovered several areas, several not yet. Counter now reads 0/48, though the discovered areas are properly shown with their respective name in map view


Same for Paris on PS4. I was at 38/39 before the patch, now it’s 0/39 with nothing on the map to discover.

My progress in Marrakesh also reset.


Interesting… so it’s

a) cross platform

b) at least for me, the fully discovered locations stay fully discovered.


Yes. Sapienza is still fully discovered for me.


A positive feedback (the fix is not mentioned in the patch notes):

Memento challenge in Sapienza works again with any guard disguise (before you had to aquire the disguise from one of the guards in the attic, any other guard’s disguise didn’t work, incl. the respective starting location guard disguise)


…and the sniping issues seem to be resolved, tested Hokkaido so far, no unreasonable “instant discovery” issues anymore.


PS4 Pro. Sapienza looks better now. Outside. In the cave, however it’s too dark now and somehow yellow-ish, i prefer old version.


Also, bloom in Spaienza is something:

Other legacy locations look good, no need to fix them.
Also, you fixed this disguise:

Bot forgot about this one:

And Hokkaido is still missing water shaders and flying lanterns.

And does anyone know how to get rid of crossed pistols icon in the down left corner of my screens? I prefer no HUD at all.


On PC, the flying lanterns were and are present, maybe a platform issue.

Regarding Sapienza, I fully agree, 2.14 is an improvement, yes, but the lighting in H 2016 was much better, felt more “alive”.

P.S.: as mentioned by TheConstant, same here:

Versatile Assassin, including the necessary prerequisite challenges, and the Chameleon challenge, have been reset for Sapienza (The Author) and Hokkaido (Patient Zero).

And I had every challenge completed the other day… :frowning:


PIP is shown upside down almost every time. Either in regular or Ghost Mode mission.
Always was. Before update and now still after

After update it’s hard to read what that crates (not those particular, but all of them) have for us


Discovery still bugged for me after the update. Discover Hawke’s Bay is still 0/6 on the challenges screen. On the map, all areas are found. Beating the mission does not unlock the challenge, still permanently locked.


If theres any other information needed please let me know.


I’m pretty sure I should be able to grab him from behind this cover, but the prompt never appears.


Same for scientist outfit in Miami since 2.14 :


In the career stats when you hit 100% completion the circle around the mastery number disappears, confirmed with the few others I have 100% in too.


Couple of challenges been reset.
Probably this one too.
You have to run over the map to be in every area, and then most likely you will have it unlocked


Discovery challenge for both Paris and Sapienza are still bugged for me. It say’s 0/39 for Paris and 0/47 for Sapienza. On the map everywhere is discovered. I have rerun over the areas, and it does not check off any of the areas again e.g. 1/47 for Sapienza. I’ve completed the maps after installing the update and the challenge remains locked. Any advice would be welcome. I’m on xbox.


Same here on PS4, really hoped this update would have fixed it! Rerunning all areas and then finishing the whole mission did nothing either. The previous update did however fix Paris for me.


Since the latest update 2.14.0 I have a very annoying green symbol in the bottom left of my screen (looks like two handguns, turns red when you kill a non target).

There is no option to turn this off. Please fix this as soon as possible!


Same as some people above, I still have the discover challenge bug for Sapienza, it stays at 0/47. I’m on PC if you ask.



I downloaded today version 2.14 from Steam and when I opened all missions (from Hitman and Hitman 2 from Paris to Isle of Sgail)
I noticed that suit from Isle of Sgail have a white scraps during the run.
I sent you screenshot from Hawke Bay mission as one of samples of this problem. Other suits work great, but this from Isle of Sgail unfortunately not. This problem appeared after installation 2.14 version.
Please fix this graphic error, because My friends and I would like to play with this suit without any problems.

We would like very thankful for your help in solving this problem.

Best regards

P.S. I’d like to mention, that when I played in Hitman 2 in version 2.13 (Yesterday), this suit was without any scraps.


Still no sounds for explosions.