Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


discover Bangkok stuck at 5/38 all locations on map are discovered, running around the map doesnt seem to update it


I’m on PC, and connecting to IOI servers went from no problem earlier today, to disconnecting every 30min or so, to disconnecting every 30sec or so, to now not being able to connect at all. My internet is 150mb/s download and 20mb/s upload, and those connections are staying consistent based on speed tests. What could possibly be the issue here? Would really like to play the game I paid $60+ for.


I think it’s because one user keeps using all of IOIs bandwidth to report the same non-issue


Which one is it?


Search yourself, I’m not your butler


I was referencing the fact that you told me to post the issue in the bug report thread and then got mad at me when I posted the issue in the bug report thread.


Ah I’m just cracking jokes over here, this is the right spot

I’ll say though, Hitman 2016 and 2018 have both relied on an always online platform. Now this seems like a DRM thing, but I don’t think it is, as IOI, the game developers, stopped using denuvo recently. It would be abnormal for a game to use two DRM measures in one game to my knowledge.


2018 definitely uses always online. If you go into offline mode, you can’t progress through the game at all. Before it stopped working all together, it would make me reconnect every time the game auto saved because it noticed I wasn’t connected anymore.


That’s what I’m saying, the game relies on internet connectivity. It has since 2016. I agree that it sucks, but it’s how they’ve designed the game and it doesn’t appear to be DRM related, at least not directly. These were my first thoughts too.

So, as shitty as it is, if you have bad internet connectivity, this game won’t perform well. Get either a refund or a better internet plan if this is a deal breaker


XBOX One - Hitman 2 Miami.

Challenges - Discovery - Discover Miami
I’m having trouble with this discovery challenge. Since the update it reverted my count on Discover Miami, from whatever it was before to 0. Now it’s saying I’ve only unlocked 4/48 locations. I’ll include some pictures of the map that clearly shows that I’ve discovered more than that.

By the looks of it I actually only have 4 locations left to discover (I’ll try to reply with the other photos.)


lvl 0 It won’t let me reply any more so take my word for it. I only have these 3 locations and one more that are yet to be discovered

UPDATE: I found all the other undiscovered locations on my map and now it says 8/48 found. But there are no more markers on my map


Doesn’t mean that they actually do anything with the information though. It took them nearly three years to fix the phone accident kills in Marrakesh (even though they’re still broken in AHBoS apparently) even though it was posted in the H2016 bug thread quite quickly.

Still scratching my head how other minuscule things in various patches over the years were prioritised over that. :confused:


I’ve been doing all these challenges in PZ campaign the past time.
And all of them are reset now. I have to redo them again.
I don’t see anything bad in it, but it’s kind of boring to search all the disguises again for Chameleon.
And couple of them I may forget, like a biker in PZ Hokkiado


They are not reset, they are new.


What challenges are reset? The challenges that got included in Author & Patient Zero yesterday are new.
They weren’t either in H2016


Feats. Poison, fiberwire kills, etc + Chameleon.
These challenges were appeared for me in the previous or even next to previous update (I don’t remember exactly now), and I completed them at once. Now I have to complete them in PZ Sapienza and PZ Hokkaido again


That was The Source in Bangkok. It was January patch.

That’s impossible since we’ve never had them until now.
Patient Zero missions never had Feats like Versatile Assassin and Chameleon until they included them in The Source in January patch.
Here is when they got included

PC player^


As far as I remember you’re PS4 player. Maybe other platforms didn’t have them before.
But I surely did them later on PC. However I don’t want to offtop here, so I’m out


It’s ok, @Ibbe040, I know you’re right.


PC players didn’t have them either. You’re probably mixing up the source challenges with the other ones, so this is the first time you’ll be doing them.

@doom-generation it’s not about being right. Just wanted to inform that we never had those feat challenges in PZ until January 21 patch. So therefore it’s impossible that they sre reset and to redo them again now, but nvm it’s meaningless to discuss anyway :grin: