Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


I know dude, you did your best to give him the correct info but he wasn’t having it.


This isn’t very important since I don’t care about leaderboards on this occasion, but here’s what happened when I completed A New Life (Master SA/SO). The ol’ 0 points


All the new garrotes aside fiberwire does not count as a fiberwire kill for Pianist challenge


PS4 Pro 1.09 patch
Whittleton Creek Schmidt house garden
There is an invisible kind of block where 47s left foot is at the picture

P.S.I ll have to report once again the same audio bug with Marakesh Shisha cafe bodyguard who is muted when his lips move asking for invitation beacause it annoys me a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


Sniping is still buggy as Efff.


[PS 4] All unfinished “DISCOVER” challenges is broken after update. In particular, I have 1-2 unexplored places left in some locations. Interestingly, in the case of Miami, the tracker was reset and shows 0/48, and in all other locations the tracker just disappeared. In any case, this challenge is now impossible to perform.


Same thing on the PC, noticed my discover counter had been reset but not counting up on “rediscovering” areas.



I don’t think that’s a bug. Measuring tape and whatnot shouldn’t count towards a challenge called “Pianist” .


With measuring tape I would agree, but still this is weird.
But what about fishing line and quickdraw? They may easily go as a cord, so they should count as a way to strangling


So with the sniping mechanics made far better (in my opinion, I’m not here to argue) I’ve found an issue in Sapienza in seems in both WoT and Landslide.

I snipe the targets in both from the church tower and hightail it out of there. I slide down the drainpipe to the cemetery.

I run straight to the right to hop through the broken wall to the harbour/beach.

However, when running alongside the rear of the church, the suspicion meter fills up really quick and I become compromised. This happens on both maps.

If you move slightly away from the wall the meter still fills up but far slower and you can get away from it without being compromised.

Before this, I only have the ‘searching’ status, but no guards are close enough and no one is shooting at me. There are no enforcers around either.

I though that it might be a church worker who stands by the stairwell, and was someone seeing me through the wall, and for some reason was acting like an enforcer, but on the landslide run, I reloaded and ko’d him to test it, and the same thing happened so I cannot for the life of me figure out who is compromising me, and why.


About the sniper fix…
I play on both PC and Xbox One, and had the same thing happen that is shown in this video:
MrFreeze2244 testing sniper fix


Yup, I’m on PC, and after watching MrFreeze2244’s video, I tested this for myself. Same result as he got. Sniping is even more broken after “fix.”


Pretty disheartening that each update either doesn’t work as properly as the notes seem it will, or it breaks a ton of extra stuff that you have to wait another month or so to get fixed (again).



I’m playing on PC with a GTX 960, everything worked well two days ago before the update, I played with medium graphics settings (some details to low) everything was smooth. And now, you begin a mission let’s say on Santa Fortuna, for 5 minutes it’s gonna be ok and suddenly, the game is laggy as hell (10 fps or so, it’s unplayable …). I have downloaded the latest Nvidia pilots, but nothing changed …
I put the game in Low graphics, but did not change anything neither




It appears not only in Ghost Mode, but in a regular missions too. Espesially while changing clothes


there is a new bug in the 47’s animations after february update : neck and bodies movements are uncomplete and strange.
I’m a PS4 player.


Seems this kind of texture drawing error was just introduced with the new game update 2.14.
I’m a PC-Player and have a similar problem when skipping the intro animation in Mumbai (Train Starting Location). Parts of the texture from Agent 47 is miles away. :rofl::flushed::see_no_evil:
When NOT skipping the starting animation everything is ok.


That is. It never happened before


Hi so I was playing Miami and noticed that Robert Knox wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Upon closer inspection he is actually off map and his bodyguard is left standing next to the pier. I’ve completed “a perfect machine” and “turbo charged” in this save and I’m on PS4.