Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Something that was never gone can’t be back. :wink:
I had floating Alma a couple of days after they “fixed” it.


I had both of them floating 2 weeks before the February patch. I even “smothered” Alma while she was floating :slight_smile:


I have the same bug with the Vector mission. 100%, mastery lvl 20, the circle is missing.


I also found… this thing, whatever this is:


Scroll up a little, mate.


As an update: My Marrakesh discovery progress magically completed itself without me noticing. Paris is still broken though.

My Mission Stories - ICA Facility and Master Assassin on Final Test are also still bugged.



I see. I’m on PS4 so I guess that’s out on console now.


Are we sure this is a bug?

(I kid. I kid. Lol)


This also had some clipping in the front.

Another weird thing. I forget what mission it was, but I had a security guard disguise on, but it looked like he was wearing shorts because the pant legs were twisted (or whatever) going towards the bottoms that weren’t around his legs.



My game is constantly crashing the whole computer after playing 15-20 minutes. I cannot have normal gaming session once !
My Pc: Processor - Intel ® Core ™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20 Ghz
Ram: 16Gb
Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
Power supply: Fortron Hyper S 600
I really like the game but its unplayable at this point. Can anybody help me?


I had the brick walls not crumble when exploded in Saienza


the Hackl 9R and Covert now have increased spread when shooting. previously, the spread would stay static


i wanna thank IO for fixing the fireworks bug on the hitman 2 game i can now hear the pops and explosions. but the other audio issues in hitman 2 such as footsteps on wooden floors, and wine glasses breaking when they drop are not being as loud like they are in hitman 2016 are not fixed. but im not complaining im very grateful and understand you guys are busy. i did notice a new bug on hitman 2, when i play paris, diana does not introduce viktor novikov when he walks down the stairs. she still does on hitman 2016 she says, that is viktor novikov owner of sanguine. thank you IO do not think your hard work on making this beautiful and fun game is not appreciated because it is. i play on pc on steam


I couldn’t find my ICA explosive phone in my inventory. I have already mastered all Bangkok stories. Has it been removed? One feat in Bangkok can not be completed anymore.


You unlock the phone by completeing the feat challenge Mission Story Challenge in Bangkok.

Is the feat related to mission story challenge?


The package (delivered for the priceless challenge in Whittleton Creek) is placed in the wrong orientation after James Batty collects it from the mailbox and drops it off on the table in his backyard. It’s through the table instead of: on the table.

Platform: Windows 10 (Steam)


So, I shot this guy while he was making my bed. And his pants exploded.

(I’m on PC, by the way.)


The feat is called " Hello, Who’s There?", which is to assassinate a target with the exploding phone. So I have already been level 20 in mission mastery in Bangkok. The reward of explosive phone seems to be removed recently, that I couldn’t find it in my inventory anymore. It was in my inventory I am pretty sure. Do you still have it in your inventory?


Yes I have it in my inventory on ps4 and I have not read anything about it being missing.

You don’t unlock the phone by mastery levels. You unlock it by doing a Feat challenge