Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


lol well I guess I must be wrong then


I think the door stays open when you lean on the wall next to it. At least that’s how I remember because I don’t use the lean mechanic that much.

I think they could easily change it. I tend to close the doors behind me in HITMAN anyway. I’m too paranoid for self-closing doors.


I had this happen to me the other day, as well, hadn’t experienced it until the recent update.

Yup, that´s the case for me too. ·


I’ve just booted up Isle of Sgàil on PC, max settings, and I’m experiencing some major clipping in the Tuxedo & Gloves outfit - both gloves and no gloves versions.

Some clipping in the Initiate costume as well.

Reporting because I don’t see this in the PS4 version and clipping hasn’t really been an issue up until this point. So, think there’s something wrong!


Playing the Colorado legacy mission on PS4, I’m not able to pick up Sean Rose’s mask from the 3D printer. I activated the printer before killing any of the targets and before going down to the basement and touching the biometric scanner. I wasn’t able to pick up the mask either immediately after printing it, or afterwards after I got the “pick up the mask” mission prompt.

See also this reddit thread where a couple people had the same issue (with the same “activate the 3D printer before doing targets” condition):


no harm ^^
I understood your point of view. That’s why i edited my original post to recommend to people who are experiencing similar issues to read clckr’s post, yours and mine too. So they can find out if it’s a bug or a mistake.

I know sometimes some people try once or twice something and if it doesn’t work, then they say the game is broken even if they’re doing things wrong.

Thanks for your help


No, it doesn’t, unless they’ve added something in. I emetic-syringed him, there’s a few seconds where no-one is looking, believe it or not.


In Sapienza, when a body is falling into the water, it is not always counting as a “body hidden”. I noticed this when bodies slip into water or are shot into. Even if they fall from the water’s surface down to the ground they are not always registered as hidden.
I can record a video if needed.


Landslide itself seems to be the issue. I had never experienced CTDs in Hitman or Hitman 2 until I started playing Landslide, and it happens with some frequency while playing that mission.


Ok, but there’s still a bug with their being two waterbottles and he never drinks from the first one poisoned, nor can I make a contract involving consumed poison etc, or really any contract where he’s the target as the first thing everyone’s going to do is poison his drink, and then everyone will find out it doesn’t work and go “this is dumb, screw this”


Yes, it’s a bug. I think the two-bottle problem exists elsewhere, too. I seem to recall I also poisoned "both bottles"and it got him. I think he needs to drink from one then go back for another. Slows things down, though. Seems weird. Two bottles means someone’s added one. Quite why, though . . .


Dead pigeons in the Whittleton Creek “Due You Even Care” achievement respawn when I load a saved game. They’re invulnerable to bullets but can be blown up. I was able to complete the challenge even with a few still hanging around.


I and others have been getting messed up models in relation to clothing in Ghost Mode. Having giant glitchy junk shapes following me around when I put a disguise on sometimes. And also when I KO someone and take their clothes, that persons underwear glitches out and shoots rays of ‘clothing’ everywhere. Here’s a MILD example

I am on PC btw


The santa Fortuna - three headed serpent mission is Looking like this on my xbox one, anybody who Knows why?


None of my “Complete all mission stories” achievements from season 1 unlock even though I’ve done them from the beginning multiple times on Steam.
I even tried completing the challenges that were related to those mission stories but still, no achievements.


Santa Fortuna at night bonus mission leaked? This actually looks kind of sick.


Spooky foggy Santa Fortuna…


Hardly this is a very important bug, but still that chair shouldn’t be there.
Wrong objects placement


The latest patch claimed to add steady aim back to the Silverballers and I can see as much on the inventory icons, but for some reason holding down the steady aim button does nothing with the Silverballers, still. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Steady aim still works on the Sieger snipers for example.


If you’re on Steam, fix for these clothing issues just rolled out. I checked the starting suits, that had problems, and they seem to be back to normal.