Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


The lethal poison syringe and the fiber wire are currently missing in ghost mode, making 3 of the challenges impossible to complete. Ive played several dozen rounds and confirmed this with multiple others to be the case both on PC and PS4. (I myself am on PS4.)


Didn’t get Silent Assassin for ‘The Politician ET’ despite killing her in an accident. Checked the stats afterwards; I got ‘Never Compromised’, ‘No Noticed Kills’ and ‘No Recordings’ but I didn’t get ‘No Bodies Found’ because the target’s body was found despite her dying in a gas lamp explosion.


Were you a bit quick to exit the mission when the icon appeared? I think there’s still a thing in there that the various mission comments such as “unnoticed kill” have to appear for a fraction of a second at least or something goes wrong with scoring even if you have actually done it all properly.


I suspect this as being the culprit also :thinking:


No, I was actually on the roof when the explosion went off. Then had to work my way down, avoiding all the guards, collecting all the items I’d thrown/dropped (I’m a perfectionist that doesn’t like pacifying and/or leaving traces unless I have to), then getting the car key and going to the car. The delay is what caused the “body found” situation.


Okay, I see. Bug then, I suppose - sorry to hear that. I got very annoyed with Black Hat, far more annoyed than I should have been. Lost SA due to the punch glitch and similarly to your issue even though the target had a lethal syringe and every single body . . . actually bear with me here, I wonder if there’s something systematic. How far were you from the body/how much time had elapsed between the kill and your “body found” issue?

With Black Hat I knocked out and hid every single guard in the roof silently. Got into the room with the two men and followed the Freeze method (when the non-target has back turned syringe the other one then subdue the second). For the subdual, I stupidly didn’t throw a hammer, I tried to choke him. Punch glitch, he spun on the spot and got a punch in the face.

Now, instantly “body found” registered and it was noted in the final score as a lost star. I also instantly got “compromised” or whatever it was called, I think so lost that too.

The point is I was close to the body and it was very soon after the kill. Perhaps that applied to your kill? Perhaps there’s something systematic?

It also feels like it could be related to the issue someone else pointed out about waiting 20 seconds after a sniper kill, the issue with getting seen through walls has a feeling of being related too.


Body was found almost instantly as there was a guard that made it there within five to ten seconds. I didn’t panic when the body was found as I figured it wouldn’t affect my score due to the method (not that I could have restarted even if I did realise).

It’s a bit of bullshit that I don’t have that Silent Assassin achievement highlighted but at least I have Hitman 2’s version of the Winter Suit.


There is the disconnect-the-internet method of restarting, apparently it still works.

I still suspect there’s something systematic about these “body found” things. Perhaps if 47 is too close to an accident kill an NPC arriving quickly decides that something is suspicious has occurred even if 47 isn’t detected. If I get a few minutes I might test that. Not on the politician though!

Ark Society - Effigy Ceremony

Both Winter Suits - which look identically the same


Black Winter Suit (with Pin)

Winter Suit

This is anotherr “oversight” which I saw, but this one is sort of annoying when on the loading screen (I know about the pin, but black=black not grey)


I have this glitch where opening doors wIth key card is deemed suspicious



I hadn’t actually noticed but a lot of people are pointing this out. I did get seen once in one map but that was because I was wearing a suit not a disguise, well, so I thought. Weird. That’s a proper bug, isn’t it?


The GNN news report in Whittleton Creek in the house that’s for sale is out of sync with it’s audio.


Hitman 2 Version 1.10, Digital Game (no disc)
PS4 Pro Version 6.50

Playing through the Legacy Hitman Season 1 from within the Hitman 2 game
DLC Sapienza: Landslide.
On 3 occasions the game will suddenly freeze, causing the game to crash. Unfortunately there is no replicating or finding the exact circumstances as to when the crash happens. I figured it was the save file I kept reloading. Upon starting a new game it played normally for about 30 mins until the crash happened again. Sorry if this doesn’t help much but though I should report it because I love this game so much and want to keep playing.

Thanks IOI Team!!


I’m on PC.
In Hokkaido, when I start in the Morgue starting location, if I stand and then restart the mission, 47 will be standing when the mission starts and immediately be caught tresspassing.


TAC-SMG Covert, TAC-4 S/A both are still missing their steady-aim perk

These two weapons always had steady aim and lost it when the silver-ballers lost it; but now that the silver ballers are corrected the TAC-SMG Covert, TAC-4 S/A remain without steady aim

Without steady aim they are just redundant to what already exists. The TAC-4 S/A is currently (pointlessly) identical to the TAC-4 AR Stealth


Hate when stuff like this happens :


Ezra has been burning for 15 minutes after going near him with the Wickerman easter egg


For some reason, I’m getting spotted in Miami when I use a keycard, I’m in the correct disguise, yet it is still a suspicious action


Mumbai: Oftenly when you pacify or kill the kashmiro you can get just his flat key and the laptop key doesn’t appear.


The laptop key is on the table where u start in the chawls