Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Yeah I also have the problem for me it is all of the maps


True but IIRC only if you start there, he has it on him if you start somewhere else.



I have been getting 0 as mission score since a long time in Mumbai and Whittleton Creek atleast. I looked for answers but never got any. I think i can safely say that it’s a bug. However, I had multiple updates on my ps4 pro for the game but never got this fixed. Surprisingly, it means that it was never reported to you guys. Also, occasionally i get 0 on never compromised as well but not a lot of time. Please look into it and thanks for the amazing game. I mistakenly posted this in another topic last night, so posting it again here.



Oil Spills + Electricity Inconsistency

Electric gadgets and sparks have a inconsistent effect on oil spills. Spills from drums and fuel dispensers will ignite without any issues but spills from motorcycles will not ignite. The big one ought to be a ignitable from sparks but electricity has no effect on it.

Explosive Compound Inconsistency

Explosive compound only activates with one of the smoking animations. No matter where you place the compound, it will not activate on the second smoking animation. I’ve only gotten it to ignite on the secondary animation by messing with saving/loading when smoke has already been lit.


Found a small bug with the camera. When you take a bust in the “Another life” and drop right away - camera does a little jobble.

Actually… it’s not the only bug here. I reloaded the save after I dropped all of them on the floor to check if I’ll get this bug with other items.
First of all - all busts teleported back to the small pedestals.
Only 3 of them were visible.
After I took 1 of visible busts - another one became invisible.
While I was taking and dropping items - 2 pedestals that are closer to me (1 empty and 1 with invisible bust) would start “jumping/shaking” from time to time.

Either there are a few bugs or this basement is haunted.


This happens on XBox One as well and other suits that I tried (Sgail suit w/ Gloves, Black suit w/ black tie) I have a video of it, but haven’t posted it up yet.

I really love this game, but I’ve been so disappointed as of late. I realize this is a highly complicated game and so many things can go wrong, but (hate to ask this) did nothing from the 2016 game get carried over? All of those bug fixes, etc.? I realize this is also an “upgraded/updated” game engine, but so many of these issues are seriously making me scratch my head.

I don’t understand the high # of bugs H2 is having. H2016 had bugs, but why does it seem like there’s just so many more in the new game especially after all they learned from the previous game?

Love you IOI, but I’m really not understanding this level of bugginess. What happened? Did the suitcase/mirrors really cause that many bugs (those are the two main “new features” that IOI listed in the “new game?)” How? This is truly not that different of a game from 2016. I really don’t understand how this happened.


I’m 95% sure there used to be a blue water barrel here. Something to get an electrocution kill with the light fixture.

Actually, you can zoom in closer and there’s a somewhat visible object (what must be the barrel) using instinct. I used a wall piercing round and it indeed makes the sound of a barrel being hit. So the barrel placement is off.

Also, remember to fix that goose-stepping fellow on the roof after comes down the steps. :slight_smile:


There was definitely a barrel there.


Body found… Body? Really? Seems like it’s floor and walls been found…


That area in Hokkaido is weird, if you eliminate the lady in the next room she falls into invisible water lol.
Maybe that has something to do with it … clipping issues.


PC: I have no idea what happened here. These black areas were bigger before I was able to take the screenshot. I was using Instinct when this happened, then released it when I seen the black whatever.


You must’ve been in a fight with guards who were throwing flash grenades.
I experienced the same thing while holding instinct button and guard trown a flash grenade.
After flash grenade effect ended and instinct button was released, almost all screen was with this kind of dark spots

It happens not only in this area (bodies are not there) and not only on Hokkaido.
I’m experiencing this everywhere. Even in Ghost Mode.
Also the PIP image is turned upside down for the most of the times so it seems bodies are lying on ceiling and NPCs are running on their heads


Has anyone noticed how strange lawnmowers look in instinct? Kind of like static, random splotches of gray from the yellow highlight.


If u dont see evidence boxes u are on casual mode


I sabotaged Moses Lee’s car with sugar and about ten minutes later Diana told me that the race was over. Then the ingame picture of Sierra’s car just popped up and never went away.

I was also shown a prompt to pacify a guard who was inside a closet and not even next to me (it was next to the place where I had left my suit, shown in the minimap). It’d also show a prompt for garroting if I was holding a fiber wire, etc.


A majority of outfits have a clipping issue. IO addressed this issue and will be patched in the next update.


Wasn’t it already fixed with a hotfix after the latest patch?


Still not fixed… I reported this ages ago

Not properly. Clothes still stretching


Yeah. Killing Sierra right outside her car causes the PIP to be stuck there as well


46/47 areas discovered in Sapienza, can’t find the last? Bugged? I thought this was patched in Feb?