Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


If you don’t have any undiscovered area icons on the map then you’ll get the challenge completed when you exit the mission


Thanks man, just popped up randomly when I entered the garage area to the mansion lol?


No problemo bro :+1:


Hey guys, i think i found a bug but i am actually not sure.
Every time i finish Whittleton Creek, i keep getting 0 Points. It loosk kinda weird, i got points for the usual stuff, but at the end it says: 0. Check the picture. This happened on professional and master level as well. Thanks for the help.

I am playing on PS4!


47’s on a mad one again in the Mumbai trainyard



  • Guns and rifles sounds buggy and also the splash of the corpses in the water, just Mumbai sounds good.
  • Electronic toilets are buggy, when npc go to stop the toilets, toilets doesn’t stop and it’s like an infinite loop.
  • Guns still buged when you take it from inventory, 47 have the gun pasted on the hand and it just doesn’t work, you can’t drop it, shoot or retrieve, only way for make it stop is selecting it again from inventory.


That’s ……Frankenstein 47


I’d say the Invisible Man, haha


That still happens everywhere including Ghost Mode


This is the first time I’ve noticed it, I’ll have to keep an eye out


Haha very funny


Hitman 2 - Mumbai - “Waiting for a sign”-challenge completed but not registering!

I have completed above-mentioned challenge, with Diana congratulating me on killing the Maelstrom. Unfortunately, I don´t get the reward.
I am waiting on the landing outside the Crow apartment with two neon-signs in view. After the Maelstrom finishes talking to a guard, I shoot the right sign. It then crashes on the Maelstrom, killing him. Bug? I think so.
Thx for your help
Cheers, Alex


Killing anyone in the Iron Maiden still has the Zoe soundfiles


True on Xbox, I noticed that when I did the Butler thing a couple of days ago.


You are unable to pick up the Baseball Bat in the small storage room up one flight of stairs in the morgue on the Isle of Sgail, it’s in a box at the back.

One of the muffins at the Whittleton Creek stand is clipping through the side of the upturned box.

In one of the Hawke’s Bay wall lockers, the one in the storage passage adjoining the garage, main lounge and the outside bins area, is a pistol that highlights in Instinct but is unable to be picked up


Xbox contract 3-10-5675961-74 still has a broken weapon. That is, for one of the five targets the name is gibberish. It looks like it should be katana.


Also the gun in the locker in Hawke’s Bay is still something that can’t be picked up.


I don’t think that’s intended to be picked up, as it doesn’t have the indicative white outline/interaction square like the Baseball Bat on Sgail does (unless it does, then yes, that’s another mistake)


but it does glow in Eagle Vision, not sure I noticed the outline though


Oh, it does? Huh, my bad. It should be 100% pick-uppable, then, this is what happened with the Apple at launch.

Is it the gun in the locker in the back passageway that leads outside?