Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


You might get stuck in this wall, take care:


Don´t know if it´s a bug or maybe intended but after aiming the dot jumps upwards and the gun doesn´t aim where the dot points to. This causes 47 to just aim higher and higher when aiming in and out


yeah i noticed that, very annoying


Invisible Wall here


If you drop a gun in the jungle bushes, the guards will spot you


Guards walk through doors after loading a save file. Noticed on hokkaido legacy pack.



as a mechanic , at my station, I get the phenumatic gun and then add a explosive device, I chose the pale duck, and 2 x a blue error message pops up on my ps4.

I have to restart the game.

not good,

you guys need a major patch


The frog’s placement model is a pill


Steam version, sometimes the music just stops (at least in Miami). I have to reload the latest savegame to make it start playing again.

Edit: not only music, people background speaking ambience sounds also stops


Steam version

  • 47 can’t walk slowly on stairs
  • music/speeches/voice sounds/facial animations disappeared map-wide during “The New Army” mission story (returning to main menu fixes that) (see post above me)


Items and you become invisible here


I’m having an issue where the Columbia Mission saying I do not have access. I’m on Xbox One. I have it installed. I uninstalled the map and then reinstalled it and still have the same issue. I was able to download the legacy pack with no issues. It’s just that one mission.


guard clipping in kronstadt security area


A graphical bug with the water in hokkaido on the legacy pack


I don’t have screenshots or a video but when I dropped the statue on Rico Delgado h didn’t die (actually I sabotaged the statue and he dropped it on himself, but anyway he walked like nothing happend) (PC)


Camera movement issues.

Auction Starting point in Paris has some disjointed camera movement when getting out of the chair.
Tech start in Paris when grabbing the Fireworks Remote you cannot turn the camera around 47.


Severe clipping on the Mumbai film crew security outfit (tucked-in variant).

Guards patrolling with two-handed guns have their left hand hovering in mid-air.


I get a crash to desktop before I can finish the opening mission. The game runs great and then suddenly dumps to desktop. It seems to happen when I reach some kind of milestone, this most recent crash was just as I picked up the encryption dongle in the same room. The time before that it was as the targets body was discovered.

Moba: z370 taichi CPU: i7-8086k GPU: RTX 2080 RAM: 16gigs


Aside from having no way to solve this water glitching problem, theres definitely something screwed up with the game and memory. It seems to just not load the projector screen sometimes, loading saves leads to weird bugs with floating npcs, or npcs with floating guns in their arms. I guess this is to be expected with WB as the damn publisher, Arkham was the last game I got from them, and it was the same, I was able to run it, but just unpolished artifacts everywhere, I just want to play the game in a state it works. Like if you need to release some broken shit graphics version do it, I’m just tired of things not loading, or little bugs like the water here. Like you can’t even throw an object in the water, theres no physics or reaction, the water only reacts to gunshots. Please fix.

32gb ram
1080 FTW
240hz Asus Rog Swift
Latest Nvidia Drivers (Max Performance power, no Gsync, exclusive fullscreen, disabled fullscreen optimizations, running as admin, on SSD 256 Pro.) Like I do not know what else besides something actually broken in the build is the issue.


The publisher has nothing to do with bugs, lol. The WB people aren’t the ones developing the game.