Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Am I blind or are these not showing up for others? I am on PS4.

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I am on PS4 an it is impossible to unblock the 2 hidden trophees. for “defenestration” because the target never approaches its trophee with the help of the grammophone or any other way, I tried with all the possible objects.
then the second trophy “award-core” after doing all the necessary and after killing the target by pushing her through the glass.It is impossible to escape through the window because the exit is inaccessible

Sorry if it has already been posted, but is the sky in the background in Hokkaido supposed to look like this?

Looks really off-putting.

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there’s a bug where bullets go right through NPCs without hitting them. i tested this with the Druzhina Arctic and Jaeger Tuatara. if this were to only affect a single area on the NPC, it seems to be right between their eyes.

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Did you get any disconnection during your playthrough?

Moreover, check if the agency pickup “village construction building” has been unlocked for Santa Fortuna (also mastery level 2). If not, maybe you suffered a disconnection issue, and your game checked that you effectively unlock those masteries, but the server not… hence not awarding you your rewards…
(Just an assumption from the info you provide).

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I do have the Village Construction Agency pickup unlocked.

IN NewYork bank, the target just doesn’t get distracted from the gramaphone and the challenge can’t be unlocked. Hope fix this bug when the next update comes…

Ps4 The Award-Core trophy is bugged I can’t get Mrs. Savalas’ attention with the gramophone

Did you dump the stock market from the computer on the investment floor?

Yes exactely, that was the first thing I did

I tried too and it didn’t work for me too.But then I created a contract and I was able to get that exit.

I think ‘discover haven island’ challenge is maybe broken.

I’m pc user and

As you can see, I’ve discovered forty out of forty-one discoverable areas.
And the last discovery marker is missing. According to the map, I have discovered all such areas.

Is there a hidden section I don’t know about? Or is it really a bug?


Same as many has reported, Award-Core is not normally feasible at the moment, gramophone doesn’t really draw Athena’s attention even the pop-up window on the top left corner says she’s investigating, she just continues whatever she’s doing without going to the gramophone.
But someone has told me it’s possible to get the trophy by eliminating all but one guards in her office, then knock her out, drag her in front of the award (with her face heading toward the award, important), and throw distractions to draw the only guard to find her, wakes her up, then you show up and push her to the award to kill her. After that you can knock out the witness guard.


can’t find any electrocution car battery in haven island last resort as on other maps like mumbai. Wanted to throw something in tyson’s jacuzzi and wait for an exit to leave fast, but cannot find any of them on map :confused:

Maybe is there a problem with the disguise?I could exit as the fired banker and as an investment guy,but as a guard not.What disguise were you wearing?

I was with the fired man disguise :man_shrugging:I tried many ways but nothing happened

Ok now I understand the problem. I have To start the mission with bank investment cloths. The Windows exit works just if I start with this particular disguise. :hugs: I just have To finish award core trophy

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When I got the trophy on PS4 I was disguised as the fired banker.After that I also used the investment banker disguise for the exit too,but well,never mind.Glad to hear that you made it!:tada:

PC: Cannot bring Remote CX Demo blocks in Hidden stashes in at least Colorado

Yes finally I got it :hugs::hugs: thanks

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