Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Platform: PC
Location: Haven Island
Mission: The Last Resort

In the resort level’s kitchen I knocked out a chef and prepared a dish for Vetrova. When she came around, the other chef started a dialogue with her, asking her to come into the kitchen to taste the dish. For some reason the chef did both dialogues: the female voice clearly came from his character, his mouth was moving and he was even doing her facial expressions. It’s hilarious, but a bug nonetheless.

Platform: PC
Location: Whittleton Creek

I reach in Whittleton Creek Lvl 15 this morning, but the achivement doesn’t unlocking, has happened somebody too?

Platform: Ps4

So I’ve just kill The angel of death with Silent Assassin rating. Since it was the fifth elusive target I was doing with SA rating, I was supposed to get the winter suit. But when I checked the accomplishment, it was still at 3 out of 5. The fact is I have five different accomplishment for killing an elusive target with SA rating.

I’m sure that the badboy count since I got the Terminus suit. If this can help for the angel of death when I exit the mission ,after the rating screen, the game came back to the main screen and I had to reconnect.

Also I just realize it seem like I didn’t get the shurikens despite the update which was supposed to give back the item that was consider as unlocked but not obtained because of an server problem. I checked and I get all the others items that was unavailable but the shurikens.

I hope this could get fixed soon. Also I hope I didn’t make your eyes bleed too much with my bad english.

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Hello,Justdomeone and welcome to the forum.Challenges for getting silent assassin on Elusive Targets are bugged for some time and they have been reported many times.Let’s hope IO will solve these problems in the October update.

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I have this issue as well. It didn’t unlock in Miami either.

New York bug: knocking out the camera guard doesn’t disable camera witnesses

PC/Steam. This NPC phazed into this object, the next thing I knew - he vanished.

Dalia doesn’t drink from her glass and the poison shows up as soon as you enter the room (PS4)

47 stutters while walking (PS4)

You can’t poison food items while serving using the dagger (PS4)

if you follow the story as Helmut, it is already on the table for you as she is providing the poison for the assignment she is giving for the real Helmut. Otherwise, she is carrying it with her provided you did not meet her as Helmut.

She drinks from the glass after she takes a call that interrupts your meeting. If you left, she may not take a drink, as she is having the drink to celebrate the arrangement you made with her.

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while on the new map I took the Florida suit for a spin and noticed this graphical bug

I found 2 bugs for legacy maps hokkaido and Colorado not sure if you are still fixing these. In Colorado around the lab area where the two guards are talking through a window there is a poison floating in the air. In Hokkaido the straight shot challenge appeared to be completed even though I have not killed any of the targets through a headshot. I have killed the targets twice Soders once by poisoning the cells and the other by destroying the heart. Yuki I killed by the yoga accident and by a gas lamp explosion.

I did the meeting and she left without drinking that’s why I reported it as a bug

Back in 2016 she’d place it on the table during the dialogue

Glitch with suitcase + emetic mine

There is a glitch when you put an armed emetic mine inside a suitcase, place it in front of a target then activate it. The target will be poisoned, but the suitcase and/or mine will still be considered present, although invisible to the player.
NPCs will react to seeing it, and guards will be stuck in an infinite loop trying to pick it up.

Hope this will get fixed.

Sedative pills not appearing in poisons

I’m at 18 out of 20 mastery level for Santa Fortuna, it shows as unlocked in the mastery section, however the only sedative that appears is the sedative poison vial from Paris, no pills.



They said this would be changed only when in a “hunted” status, which isn’t the case. Two personal cases of this being a problem are as follows: I’ve been spotted by the tech crew lady sitting on a couch, near the villa pool, while dragging tyson’s bodyguard outside of Vertrova’s room (the one with the two cleaning staff). I’ve additionally been spotted by a house staff member near the welcome desk, while pushing Vertrova off the walkway, directly outside of Singh’s house. It feels really different and sensitive to how spotting normally works.

Using a bodyguard disguise to enter the private island from the side with all the guards causes the checkpoint guards to consider you as trespassing, even though you’re allowed to be there.

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Pls fix this! This overlap also happens way too often on console regardless of it being a HOLD prompt. With no visible door prompt in sight, 47 will still open the door FIRST.


You must first send someone else to meditate, before Steven. If Steven sits in the place between the others he does not give the challenge.

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