Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

Amazing this method works !! Thanks you​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Problem with the bottom of the pants on the miami outfit>

Not really a bug but a aesthetic problem with the cloth physics on the requiem suit. It makes 47 look a little too bootilicious

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I’m afraid this may go under-reported due to the difficulty in unlocking the rifle for sandbox mode. @Travis_IOI

Below is a video link showing the plainly obvious but relatively unknown Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic noise bug. When I fire the rifle outdoors, you can hear the loud and unsuppressed shots. This is a bug because the rifle has a suppressor and should sound like it does in Sniper Mode. [STILL BUGGED]

Druzhina Arctic Sound Bug

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thicc 47 :heart_eyes: :peach: :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::weary:


Fibre Wire kills not registering as melee kills always was a thing?

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NPCs can see through this wall to see 47 hanging on the church tower on Sapienza.

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I am not sure if its a bug, but the normal machete on columbia is concealable, while the unlock we can bring into the map is not. But both are the exact same.


Patient Zero - at least one blending in option now says “Resort bodyguard”


There are two water bottles next to the street performer in Sapienza. They clip through each other and can both be poisoned, but he only picks up one to drink from.

in haven island, drowning someone in the beach water is registered as a “fall accident”, not a “drowning accident” as one would expect. i was wondering why i did not get the “hold my hair” challenge until i made a contract for testing purposes and saw that the kill condition was falling, not drowning

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My smart casual pack keeps dissapesring and I have to redownload it. I own the collectors edition on xbox one. Love the game. Keep up the good work.

I dunno how rare this issue is, but I’ve encountered a weird bug where after you shoot a certain amount of times (must be quite a lot, using lots of guards weapons to refill ammo), 47’s hands and arms deform when trying to press the trigger and he can no longer use that weapon.

It never happens when playing seriously but when goofing around it can be extremely annoying having 47 be unable to use a weapon after he has fired it too many times.

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This car in Hawke’s Bay has no physical presence


I thought the same, but if you go towards one of the disguises, it actually says “resort bodyguard” aswell. So either the whole disguise is bugged out, or its done on purpose.

Strange line in Santa Fortuna PC, water just clipps into each other;

Santa Fortuna, PC, color clips and leaves strange shadow effect when you move on the red sunroof.

New Miami Special Assignment; the waterbottles shadows freak out when you move closer or away from them.

This is the way the game is scripted.It is not a bug.When people fall into water they die by fall.The only exception is in Hokkaido when people fall into the thin spa water and it is considered drowning.

if it is intentional, then they should change it to drowning, imo. if i push someone off a ledge into the water, i would expect that kill to be a fall, like in paris. if i KO someone while they are standing in the water, i would expect that kill to be drowning, like in hokkaido. it’s not that big of a deal though, at least.

You should hope it will be implemented in HITMAN 3.I am sure in HITMAN 2 it won’t be made this change.

I have completed all Mission Stories in Sapienza, Marrakesh, Hokkaido, Bangkok and Colorado and still haven’t unlocked their achievements. I play on Steam and I remember these achievements unlocked immediately after completing them in the first season

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Proximity Taser in the Briefcase doesn’t seem to Electrify Puddles in Haven Island (?) It does work correctly with the Remote Taser.

Tasers don’t work in low beach water.

I reported on the vehicles being invisible and solid before Alma returns. This seems like an opposite problem… Like switching object collision when said object should appear (or be visible) on the map.