Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


The server doesn’t seem to record your challenges xp in Himmelstein even when I have completed all the challenges.

Also, the striker pistol seem to only make default pistol firing sounds instead of its original loud striker-only sound.


Letterbox on full HD monitor kida makes no sense. I understand that desition on old 4:3 monitors, to make it “more cinematic” but 16:10/9 or even wider?

Options please. graphic options.

As for the lighting, I fully agree it needs to “come back” along with the old skybox. that BULE, CLEAR SKY. with few clouds on horizon. WHY?

When you look at horizon, water still reflects a “line” of white from those colouds that are no longer there and the color of the water at the very edge was obviously done to blend nicely with tones that the old skybox had.

It hurts my painter’s eyes. Please it looked so much better.


You do not have the latest video card driver. Latest is (417.01). Please download and install the latest driver from here:


Mirrors also don’t pick up sunglasses…


thank u. this chinese hardware driver checker(such a long term) is crappy


Just realized in the gamescom beta this glasses bug did not exist yet.


IOI in next patch -
“We have resetted all leaderboards and progression to improve features. (Fix bugs).”


It’s possible to place your briefcase over the glass that you can blend in with but this turns out to be a horrible idea since the briefcase may fall down and crush the glass, making it impossible to stop blending in which means 47 will remain to drink his invisible wine forever.


PC version, 2.11.0 - Retrieving items from the briefcase (ICA drop) is quite painful. I noticed this in Santa Fortuna but in Sapienza (ICA Safe house) it´s even worse. If you get too close to the case, you can´t retrieve the item. There is a sweet spot that allow you to get the item, but it´s very hard to nail it.


PC Version: 2.11.0
Sapienza - Master Mode
Trying the Sniper assassin challenge, using the ruins to shoot the targets. I have shot both targets in the head, clean shots, totally hidden (could barely see the target) behind the stones, and instantly a lot of bullet ricochets start happening. Really, like 1 second after the kill. No one is that fast even to see the target has been shot, but they not only did that, but also took their gun, identify the shot came from the ruins (wtf??) and start shooting me. Since there was no alarm like Hunted or Combat, I kept doing the challenge. After completion of the challenge, I did not get it because apparently I killed a non-target and I was spotted, and there were bodies found.
There is clearly a bug here, I have done this challenge in Hitman 2016 without any issues. Now in 2018 I have already tried 3 times, all of them had the same score (1 non-target casualty, spotted and bodies found).
Just gave up playing for today due to the obvious frustration.


Hokkaido contracts mode

What weapon it supposed to be?

PC, HITMAN 2 Gold Edition with GOTY Legacy Pack


When Vargas is on the phone to DeSantis in Sapienza, you can see that she’s walking like normal instead of actually speaking on a phone.

Sapienza lab guard outfit has clipping on the neck when climbing objects.

Plague Doctor outfit has clipping on the left hand when blending in.


OK IO. I understand that Master difficulty means more cameras, but c’mon this is ridiculous =D

Mah immersion iz broken > going back to professional. =D this Violates building’s safety protocols for sure =D



PS4 Mission Colorado

When you’ve realized the “wicker man” challenge and burn everybody on the map, the two NPC that are playing on a console at the first floor of the house, after putting fire to them, they burn endlessly.


All sniper rifles have scopes that are out of focus when opened at the Water Tower in Colorado, but if you first open the rifle and look through the scope at the Southern location first, then it is not out of focus at the Southern location or at the Water Tower.

It seems that the sniper rife being out of focus relates to the location where 47 first looks through the scope on the sniper rile.

It is a weird bug.


Got the same bug. It is location dependent. Blurry if you open the sniper rifle scope at the Water Tower. If you first open the sniper rifle at the Southern starting location and then take it to the Water Tower. Not blurry at Water Tower or the Southern starting location.


Vending machine in Hokkaido doesn’t generate a coin because … coins entered into the vending machine generate a new pop can now.


Steam PC - Windows 10 version 1803 (build SO 17134.441)ù
All drivers are up to date
Full system specs:

Recently i am getting more and more the “Blurred sniper effect” when zooming around, happens with every sniper.
Sometimes reloading a save help, sometimes i am forced to completely shutdown the game and relaunch it.

Here’s a small video of the issue.

Glitched ragdoll

Crew assistant walking through walls.

-3 parts video -Target not recognizing me - Guards getting crazy and killing me out of nowhere - Chèf in sapienza taking food out of the air.


Sieger 300 ghost no longer available for missions. It shows up under “career” as something I have. ((I did the escalation and was using the ghost happily on the other maps until earlier today)) now when I choose my mission loadout, it is no where to be seen when it comes to selecting my sniper rifles ((either agency pickup or suitcase loadout))


I mean what I read online you are suppose to kick the target in the grave. Maybe there is another way I can do it, but this is still a major issue