Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Whoever wrote the Opportunities (or “Mission Stories” whatever you prefer) for Colombia really needs to proofread them.

Forget “THAT… is ____”
Every single one [that I’ve unlocked so far] begins with Diana saying (and writing) "So…" They also almost all have a penultimate sentence that ends with “blablabla, 47”. It’s kind of stale.

L to the O to the L. :upside_down_face:


After creating a water leak, a target will not get electrocuted when ANY item is thrown or activated in any way, that is supposed to electrocute a target.

Xbox…any map including legacy maps…any one else have this bug?

EDIT; confirmed in HM1 all items used to do this work. Not the case in HM2


In Bangkok, after placing the numbers on the cake an NPC says that it’s “time to call Dexy” to trigger Jordan to come down to the party room
However, in Hitman 2 it seems that he then doesn’t call her and instead continues his loop as if the numbers were never placed, meaning that Jordan is never triggered to come down to the party room and instead remains upstairs in his suite


Similar things have happened to me I still don’t know why this happens but I just want to let you know you’re not alone with this issue.


Sure this keeps getting brought up (without a dedicated answer about it, it will keep bekng beought up), but my PS4 game doesn’t have the aluminum briefcase that’s supposed yo be unlocked for those with Season 1. I have Season 1 Completr 1st Season version on disc, Season 2 Gold on disc, upgraded to GOTY and downloaded the GOTY legacy pack. Have access to everything I should from that, the executive briefcase and the requiem suit, even the outstanding performance coin but not the aluminum travel briefcase for those who own Season 1. Is there a fix for this at this point? I hear it’s allegedly unlocked when you first start Hitman 2 but no dice, or no case in this instance…


Description says to kill target in crypt then bury him in graveyard, so I fixed light in photoshoot to get him to crypt, killed him there and then dragged him body to open grave and kicked him down. I got challenge immiediately without any problems. I think it’s the “kill target in crypt” that isn’t working for you, since based on

I think you are just knocking target unconscious instead of killing him.


A kill everyone run in Colorado on PS4 is impossible. Game crashes consistently when there are a certain number of dead bodies.


Yeah might want to change the words. maybe just write INTEL: then have the opportunity description


The BEST way is to mess with him in more subtle ways… Things that make him think his dead mother is haunting him. Start the gramaphone, turn on the stair/chair lift, turn on the fan to move the rocking chair, then ring the bed-side service bell. And for good measure, put the tape in the VCR. While he’s getting up from having passed out you can make your way to the cannon and wait.


Well, I don’t know is this bugged or work as intended, but when one NPC is working as bodyguard to another it’s not fun at all, especially on such bad map for Master SA\SO like Himmapan.


NPC is ignoring my hostility and displays an exclamation mark above the head intermittently.


Too deep in ZEN to care ´=D


I encountered what I think is an old bug.

On Isle of Sgail I had a master save where I had so many Commemorative Tokens, all sorts of items and had KO-ed many guards and key NPC’s to secure control of the map.

Now whenever this save is loaded, HITMAN 2 will freeze.
I have since overwritten the save and “starting fresh” appears to solve it.



There is a cover there, that shouldnt be there


The achievement ‘‘Drop the bass’’ wont unlock. Iwe dropped the coconut on their heads, let Jordan push Morgan from the suite and then push Jordan and even push Morgan from his suite, incase i needed to do it personally. No luck


This unlocked for me.

Did you kill them both with coconuts on the same run? I think that might be necessary.


Anyone else have this issue? Cant electrocute via water puddles at all in Whittleton. The Big one no longer works, and only exposed wire power strips will kill


Yes, i did do that

Are you on Pc or Console tho?


I went through and completed Whittleton Creek SA/SO and Sniper Assassin this afternoon, and the Sniper Assassin didn’t unlock (with the 300 Ghost).

Went through a second time with the regular 300, and again the stats were on point for SA/SO, both sniper kills, and it still wouldn’t pop.

Probably something my side, but thought I’d report it just in case. If it is my side, does anyone know of a way to fix it?

e: Never mind, they popped third time with the Advanced when I tried again a minute ago. Maybe restarting the console fixed whatever the issue was? Exactly the same route and kills as the previous tries. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


During target lockdown after sniping targets in Master mode but not Professional ,ode in Colorado, all NPCs become enforcers and start shooting at you, even though they aren’t marked as enforcers who are in suspicious mode. You basically have to go into hiding until the target lockdown siren goes off.