Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Can’t unlock challenge “Discover cuba” in final test.
I’m very sure i’ve reached every place in final test and there’s no undiscovered places in map.

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Seems to be an error with the trespassing zone for the garage in Colorado (at least on PS4).

If you get as close as you possibly can to the door (to the point you’re just walking into it), you’ll be trespassing. And the guard inside will react if he’s facing that direction, even with the door closed.


By activating and deactivating Ansel you can make the effect of flash grenades disappear.


When shooting with the silenced sieger 300, the guards from the other side of the map already know where i am…and start shooting / running towards me, especially in Colorado when trying to do the sniper assassin challenge.

Same thing happens in all difficulties…

Even if i shoot on the other direction and then take down the target (See Maya Parvati)

PC - Steam


NPCs’ feet clip through this carpet in Sgail.


It is very plushy carpet.


Unable to shoot the bird on the left side of Janus’s house, multiple angles, even sniper doesnt work.
I think the light hitbox is overlapping the bird or something.


Most of ceiling lights dont have any audio effect when they get shot off. it is bit jarring.

As you can clearly hear from the screenshot =D, but no srsly In game aswell.


There are lines painted on the street in Marakesch that are just a small bit above the pavement. You can see a shadow they’re casting if you play AHBOS.

In the attic of the Caruso mansion - there are leaves that are a small bit above the floor. You can see this from the steps when you’re near eye level to the floor.

^These, and the carpet are just 3 examples, no telling how many more things are like this.


ETA: That makes me wonder if the water texture problems aren’t related to this.


Not sure if this is a bug or intended.
The “Do Not Get Spotted” requirement for “Sniper Assassin” is a hard rule, akin to the “Do Not Get Spotted” complication in contracts mode (caught trespassing, suspicious due to enforcer spotting you etc.).
Playing through the classic challenges on Master difficulty and Silent Assassin’s “Do Not Get Spotted” requirement is a soft rule (Getting spotted Trespassing is recoverable provided you comply with guard or simply leave back to public area and ‘suspicious’ status due to enforcer is also recoverable provided you break their line of sight to reset the status.)
I’ve gotten Suit Only, SA challenge covered on a playthrough where I became “suspicious” and was discovered “Trespassing”. Anytime this happens me on the sniper assassin challenge run, I never unlock Sniper Assassin however so even though both say “Do Not Get Spotted” is a requirement, they seem to have differing definitions for what qualifies as “Do Not Get Spotted”, SA having the more flexible Blood Money style “Cover Blown” definition (which I prefer if only they’d change the wording to literally say “Do Not Become Hunted” or something to that effect.


Using the Sieger 300 Ghost or Tactical variants on Master difficultly on any map I am instantly spotted after firing a shot. Both of these weapons are supposed to be silenced and one of them is silenced and subsonic.


“Fade to Black” Mission story in Bangkok Legacy Pack is bugged:

When Jordan enters the room, he listens to recording, then leaves the room without seeing 47 in the chair. After that he is stuck in a cycle of going to recording studio, then going back to his room and instantly leaving it.

On the 3-rd or 4-th loop (almost 15 minutes) the scripts finally played out and he turned to see 47 and started his monologue.


The Cafe sign in “A House Built On Sand” seems extremely buggy. It can’t seem to kill targets directly underneath it, but it kills 47 if he stands beneath it. Dunno if it’s related, but I’m using a briefcase to position Kong more directly underneath the sign. Maybe something to do with that?
Edit: It only seems to kill him when I’m in close proximity to the sign.


This execution of Jordan Cross is broken in HITMAN2

Video shows how it should look like spoilers

But in HITMAN2 Jordan walks in, grunts, turns around and stomps out without single word. The prompt to shoot him never pops out, nor does his dialogue with 47. =C

MK II Weapon Stickers

I just got an error and the game shut down while I was doing the three bloody bricks from the cocaine machine in Santa fortuna. Got the 3rd body ready and crashed. It was after a save. Ps4


Jordon will come back a few minutes later


Yes that’s right It took so long that I noticed only after I loaded the game again (and posted it here). When I fallowed him around to jump him in some other way,only to discover that after “one round”, of him walking with this specific faster pace, he indeed gets back to the room and starts loosing it over the notebook, as he should.

I assumed it was bug, because I know how it was previously (there was also mirror behind the table in HITMAN(2016). However it starting to look like a design choice, which be it, wastes player’s time, but the rythm of the scene is bit more realistic than previously =D

Oh well


When putting sugar in Moses Lee‘s car thus ending the race with Sierra winning a few minutes later Diana told me that the race is in its final lap.

By that time I had already ko‘d Moses Lee and prepared the drinking game.
The PIP showed Sierra‘s car just sitting in the pit. Whenever I turned the camera a specific way the PIP would go away and immediately come back up. During the drinking game whenever Sierra took a shot the PIP went wild and was „blinking“ on and off like crazy.

A fun bug though. :smiley: Gave me chuckles.


So i was doing SA/SO Marrakesh, on the second that Zaydan eats his poison plate dinner and dies, Strandberg holds on to the railing and dies, but i get spotted, so i reload a save just before both of them died. But this time Strandberg did not somehow get electrocuted and i had to throw him over the railing


Also, Challenges / Achievements not unlocking. Some of the ones iwe noticed are: In Plain Sight (I did get the Sniper Assassin tho), Poison IV (Poisoned Zaydan with Lethal Poison), Drop the Bass (Dropped the coconuts on Jordan and Ken on the same run, then made Jordan push Ken and then pushed Jordan and even threw Morgan when he was without Jordan in the other opportunity), Nightcall Sniper Assassin Master (I am pretty sure i did this), A Personal Goodbye (I even did it in my Hokkaido Suit), Fly Tipping (The coca field guard did not count for it), Got any ID (If im supposed to talk to some guards before doing this, the its understandable), Become Mailman (I got it on another run), Priceless (I put it on a car and blew it up… it disappeared, didnt see it fly away either, so it must have been destroyed) and Unreasonable Scope (Shot all the cameras, i noticed that Cassidy goes to meet with Janus, i replanned and brought my Druzhina and shot them both with the same bullet and got the Reasonable Scope, but no Unreasonable Scope)

Edit: I retried to poison Zaydan, it did not give me Poison IV, but rather in where the challenge should have been, there was the trophy logo, no picture and instead of Poison IV is said ‘‘Unnoticed Kill’’