Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread



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This isn’t a bug, so much as an observation that I think others have made.

Hitman 1 just seems to run smoother than Hitman 2. The difference is noticeable even on a regular PS4 with a locked 30 FPS framerate.

2016 47 handles like a light-footed athlete, slipping gracefully in and out of cover, and traversing terrain in a way that feels fluid and natural. And while 2018 47 doesn’t handle poorly by any means, there’s just something more herky-jerky and mechanical about his movements, something I can’t quie put my finger on.

Hopefully IO can figure out what it is and make the new game feel as well-tuned as the old.

This is just my experience. Maybe the experiences of other players using other hardware have been different.


oh okay. I am on Pc. I did check the Xbox stats for the achievements and people have done those


Challenge “photobomb” in paris has a bug is unable to unlock


Oh well thank god. I was getting worried that i was the only one and that nobody would believe me


hello i found a bug in Mumbai Mission where is the bulding that is Dawood Rangan, in the second floor at the security room wich has the camera tapes i took their clothes and this is what happends when you drag someone with them. 20181201112347_1


Check out my video in this post. This is how I finally unlocked it.

@Honoo In case you’re having difficulties too.


Oh, im not having troubles with the camera kill. Im just happy that im not the only one with problems with challenges not unlocking.


So I made a contract on PS4 to do some challenges on Hokkaido, called “Quick Kills at the Morgue” (ID is 2-10-6887312-59)
The thing is, I killed Doctor Ito, he’s the one they call the Curator, with the cleaver on the morgue I think, or with the kitchen knife on, well, the kitchen. I’ll check. Thing is, on the contract, it says that I have to kill him with this:

Edit: yup, you gotta kill him with the cleaver.


some placement error


How do you display those numbers at the top?


After the latest patch (playing on PC version), I’ve noticed that when shooting an NPC, sparks fly out of the bullet impact in addition to the blood effect. I just spent a few minutes playing around shooting at different kinds of surfaces, and it’s the exact same spark effect that occurs when a bullet hits something metallic.


i’m using MSI Afterburner, for displaying my CPU, GPU and FPS stats. I’m playing the game on a potato laptop so have to keep an eye out for the temperature :smile:


I got Photobomb to work, it’s a bit specific with the timing, if I remember correctly Lana has to be holding the camera to get the challenge. Hope this helps.


cant complete discover hawke`s bay it is stuck on 3/6 on pc


So I’m not the only one. Same situation to me.
I wonder if there are more people also have this problem :beetle:


I have reached 20 master-level 20 in Sapienza, but I didn’t get an achievement “Amalfi Pearl”. I played “The Idol” when it was supposed to happen. PC platform


So I’m guessing Marrakesh is bugged for me, because I have been doing a SA/SO run over and over again just to comfirm and I’ve already got SA/SO on master but I somehow don’t have No Evidence.


I’m affraid to say that the two sniper challenges (apart from Sniper Assassin) on The Source are bugged. I have tried for a good half hour to complete these challenges with no avail. Something I was able to do first time on the original game. For someone going for 100% completion on both the past campaigns and now the latest version (Hitman 2), this is very annoying. (Xbox One)


I have level 20 mastery, but no trophy unlocks/achievements (PS4) for the following levels:
Legacy pack Sapienza
Isle of Sgail