Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


Good reports, a few comments though:

Was never a thing, but really needs to be a feature.

Shoot it or throw something against it. They did that in Sapienza too and it was a nice touch to need some effort to get it.


PS4 - Colombia

I neutralized the pharmacist near the bus stop (close tp the regular starting location) and grabbed her key (key of the drugstore). But when I came back to her closed door of the drugstore (the door located on the side, facing the bridge), I got no option to open the door with the key. I had to open it with a crowbar.
I don’t know if it’s intented or not.


Boy, I went through quite a lot of bugs today!

On Steam PC:

Invisible guns. If I have a gun in my main inventory and then have another gun of the same type in the briefcase. If I save the game and then load the save, I can place/drop the gun from my main inventory but the gun in the briefcase becomes invisible!

Hawke’s Bay

invisible items. Items placed on the ground where the 3 guards at 47’s boat are standing around become invisible but are still there. If they are suspicous weapons one of the guards will actually carry it away.


47 The Race Is Over - when loading a save the race is suddenly over.

47 The Race is Over 2 - After Sierra won the race? I fumbled the podium explosion so I loaded a save. Diana kept telling me the race was over even if Siera Knox is already picking up her trophy! Also the Picture-in-Picture of Sierra’s car in pitlane kept flashing on repeatedly.

Eternal Searching - After killing Sierra Knox with the podium explosion, guards in the podium building area are in Searching forever.

Sheik Zanzibar and Hector Delgado are trapped in a loop. The two are just sitting at Thwack VIP area talking about Andrew Martinez. From “I had an impression of Ms. Martinez in Paris…” up to "think nothing of it " just repeats and repears.


Eternal Target Lockdown. Once I killed a target with a Sniper Rifle, the entire camp just stays in eternal Target Lockdown. Remaining Targets are only able to walk a few meters out of their lockdown safe zone before another Target Lockdown alarm is called.


In the security room, guards just walk right through doors without opening them.

Sauna Temperature kills the NPC’s instead of sending them out.


PS4 - Hawake’s Bay, Paris
I can’t complete Hawake’s Bay explore…Sad!


I also can’t get Paris PS4 Trophy, i’m sure I have completed all the story


Hitman 2 PC

Country: USA


at the street of Nolan Cassidy House


the cashmerian is very attached to his binoculars


47’s briefcase does 180° turn and then reverses back in to original position when you retrieve or conceal item, from or into another briefcase.



Colorado mastery level 20 trophy/achievement not unlocking (PS4), despite having 20 mastery and having completed literally all challenges, feat, escalations, etc.


Got an issue with the No Smoking Area mission story on PS4 - after following the first step and getting the cigarettes from the bush, the next step just reads ‘Smoking Kills’ and offers no further instruction. There’s no lightbulb to walk towards either, so it’s really unclear what to do or where to go next.

Also, the mission story itself disappears off the list - it doesn’t show as completed or lost, it just isn’t there. I looked it up on youtube and the walkthrough I saw doesn’t have this issue, so I’m assuming it’s a bug.


I isolated Morgan away from his bodyguard, subdued bodyguard and stuffed him in the closet. When Morgan finished his phonecall, he walked back up the stairs as he was passing the closet I hear a voice.

The bodyguard asked “Are we in the trouble?”

Morgan “Time will tell, my friend”

Only the bodyguard as I said, is unconcious in the closet



Hitman 2 Bug: Sniping Completely Broken

When Hitman 2 released the sniping problems from Hitman 2016 were finally fixed. Since the 20 November 2018 patch, it is now even worse than it ever was. This is an example of what happens even on casual difficulty on Xbox One. Within moments of taking a shot, even from behind cover, the guards instantly start shooting in your direction.

I’m not sure if other platforms are experiencing the same, but this makes a significant part of the new game utterly unplayable.

@Aegis_Chrome I think you reported the same. I know this thread is being read, so hopefully this is being fixed as a priority.

In this current state the only way I’ve unlocked sniper assassin challenges is to get the target alone and snipe them so that no one can hear or finds the body. Not much fun at all. :cry:


‘retriving’ instead of ‘retrieving’ in the ark society briefing… IO pls… where is the copy editor y


Legacy Sapienza church tower and Colorado’s water tower for sniping; bugs still carry over from HM1 where npc’s instantly know where you are and shoot with or without spotting you. Ive been shot at while NOT getting compromised or hunted or in combat. Why is this is still going into its 3rd year being broken…ugh


Hi there, my following bugs/glitches:

Miami: Race is bugged, often it gets finished after less than 1 minute into the game, then Diana says the following sentences right after each other: “47, the race reaches its final loop, 47, the race is over”
Next problem, after this bug the event with the prize is does not happen, the cars are still driving but Sierra Knox not.


By the doctor, after shooting the pigeons they stay disapeared after a save reload before i shot them.


Increasing the temperature of the sauna kills the NPCs instantly, instead of pushing them out.


Finding bodies from accident kills counts against silent assassin - is this right? Trying to electrocute people in Marrakesh with the telephones for the achievement is easy, of course, but why is it that when the bodies are found it stops silent assassin? This also applies to some poison kills that I’ve tried to do - are there new rules and if so what are they?


Note that they are blind firing and you do not enter Combat. You don’t enter Combat unless you’re hit and they can confirm you got hit. I am not sure this is a bug.


The “Discover Level Name” challenges are broken because of the contract mode.
When you creating a contract, your challenges are not adding up. You can still accidently discover a new location when creating a contract and it will “disappear” from the level permanently, voiding you the challenge.
A good idea to fix the bug would be that your progression through challenge don’t count when you get “location discovered” xp prompt, but the visiting said locations instead.


Same happened to me. Did a SO/SA run in Vermont and killed Janus with poison and Cassidy with exploding car (only killed the targets in the run) and got 4/5 stars with a body found as the reason… :thinking:


Delgado assassination by Hippo missing audio. Only the character voice line plays, no effects =C kinda anti-climactic