Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


They still use those boxes for the enforcers to put away found weapons. And it’s not exactly the same as the ICA smuggle point boxes. So there’s really nothing wrong with it being there. You could play another (anything) on AHBOS mission, and the rooftop will let you have the new suitcase smuggling point.


Sometimes on a loading screen, it will get stuck and I have to ALT F4 because it will keep loading forever.
Platform: PC

  1. Crosshair gets really faded during sniping

  2. While crouching and immediately panning the camera, it leads to this bug, where the camera position changes. The first picture is with the bug and the second when I couched and got up again, resetting the camera. Although, I like the bugged camera angle more.


Playing on PS4 Pro. Found an issue on Miami/Finish Line. PS4 crashes with error code CE-34878-0 every time I try and plant the ICA micro remote explosive during the pit stop. Only seems to occur if I get the explosive from the pick up location in the Kronsadt storage area. I brought the explosive in with my standard loadout, and was able to successfully plant it.


One of the Mumbai tour NPC female has male voice. :rofl:


I had the same problem. I was dumping Cassidy’s body already dead and unconscious down the manhole in front of the house you persuade him to buy and it refused to unlock. I tried dumping him in the manhole on the left side of the house next to the digger. He was still alive when I did it, but this time it unlocked. I hope that works for you.


Platform: PC
Location: Miami

I was following an Intel ”Note from Security Locker”.

…I thought Robert Knox will do something but he didn’t do anything. Just standing.
Also I tried away from him but he was still standing.


This is a bug I encountered with any sniper on Colorado. It seems especially when you go for a sniper the scope will bug out and it will look like you have blurred vision. You can still shoot just you are blind. This can easily be fixed by restarting or loading the nearest save, but it doesn’t work 100% of the time we need @Travis_IOI to know about this.


Security guard in boxers takes my disguise.
I subdued a security guard while I ran up the stairs his mate was helping him up.
I went along the roof garden and slipped into a cupboard on the next floor. shortly afterwards he appeared in the room looked in the cupboard knelt down and put on a guard disguse he then walked out of the room leaving me still in a guard disguise I followed him out and although I was still compromised he made no attempt capture me
on pc video available


This has been in Hitman 2016. Use Santa on holiday hoarders as an example. It’s not a bug :slight_smile:


What’s that “point” on the ninja mask?


Dexy watches me smother Jordan could care less LOL. Also hid her and did not get spotted and no challenge popped. Game is pretty screwed up right now…


This is happening on all levels new and old.


Ive completed all story mission is Whittleton Creek still no Tranq pistol. Is this a bug?


Hello, played 6 hours straight yesterday until midnight, launched the game this evening when got back from work, last save is from yesterday 8PM !! Lost all my challenges and saves!!! Anyone experienced this? any way to fix it?? Is that due to the game being broken or the online cloud saving method or steam?? Steam did seem to upload properly my saves after I played.
Thank you


When you do a pulldown from the shaft in Rangan’s Tower it only KO’s instead of eliminate. Not sure whether intended so here’s a video example below. This is from the Top floor.


Crashes to desktop with the error code 0x80000003 on RTX 2080. Can be fixed by attaching the .exe process to virtual studio debugger (and for some it also requires changing the exceptions to when to kill the application). This is a less then ideal solution. A patch or hotfix is necessary as the crashes can be as frequent as every 10 mins.


You have to find all clues, not just a few, look by “challenges”.


Platform: PC
Location: Hawke’s Bay

texture bugged out on maps


a little shift of this mesh in the Showstopper mission