Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread



Mumbai: If I do anything (just moving it with the remote control for instance) involving the massive concrete pipe you can drop on Rangan and the Maelstrom, and then save, loading the save will cause the pipe to instantly drop. Super annoying.



Same on Colombia for me


Found on the Steam Forum

Don’t update to the new Nvidia Driver (3-12-2018) and all should be fine


Came here for to report the exact problem. Updating nvidia driver to the latest version (417.22) causes flickering squares to appear on Colombia level. Rolling the driver back to a previous version fixes the problem.

Image is with latest driver 417.22

Shadows glitching. Unplayable

Rolling the driver back to 417.01 fixes the problem


How do you do that. Whenever I am trying to find the other driver, it won’t show up. It will just say: “Latest driver installed”. Where do I find it?


you can find it from the link blow


The binoculars not being attached to their stand as posted ^above reminded me…

The boiler in the basement of Colorado, the button to turn it on is not centered.


I have a Windows 10 PC and am playing on the Steam version of the game.

Intel i7-6700k 4 GHz

               No matter what method I try, I can't get Silent Assassin, Suit Only on "Chasing a Ghost," in Mumbai.   I use poison and all accidents, nothing.   I sneak up behind them when they are alone and noiselessly kill them, nothing.    I never see a "spotted" alert and always erase evidence just in case.  Still nothing.  
   I am trying to 100% the game and am working on SASO for all the levels now, but this one stubbornly refuses to work!   And it's not because I need to "git gud."   I have SASO for all the other levels, but this one will NOT work.  Please help!


This is a somewhat rare issue with challenges going missing, but people are experiencing it. See I lost some of my progress for a little more info, plus details on how to escalate it to IO for them to take a closer look and hopefully fix it once and for all.


Bug - Diana talks without my permission.
Solution - Give option to turn off in game assistance from diana.


There is a bug where electricty kills don’t count up for assassination challenges in Mumbai and Whittleton Creek if you load the save.


I feel like there’s a lot of “if you load a save” bugs right now. :confused:


Having issue with the last 417.22 nvidia driver on the Santa Fortuna map (only this one). Some Weird big pixels blinking/flickering affecting lights (shadows are not affected). Solved temporarely by rolling back to 417.01.


Was trying to do Suit Only, much easier from afar.
Like i said his evacuation did trigger but he never made it down as far as the plane.


Master mode 20 char crap


There is probably a bug in Hitman 2 concerning the “Contracts Mode”. If I play a custom contract in the new Hitman 2 locations (like Miami, Whittleton Creek), there is no background music played. You only hear the sound effects of the environment. Please add music to custom contracts.

Just test it for yourself and play a custom contract mission in Miami or Whittleton Creek. No music in the maps. In campaign mode, there is music played. This bug does not concern the locations of Hitman 1 (like Paris, Sapienza).



Or the mission complete song starts playing. Also, you can’t mark/kill the constant since you can’t exit afterwards.


When smuggling an item into the Colombian caves, the whole room turns instinct-yellow

Where has my shotgun gone to? Mistake during the last update @Travis_IOI