Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread


I thought this was slightly odd.

He belongs to the floor with the mole. Happened as I was waiting for Rangan to meet with the Maelstrom on the barge.


Having watched CJ live on YouTube last night, he had an issue with the Silverballer not firing like it used to. Such as shooting the virus and it taking multiple shots, or shooting the lawn-mower to kill Silvio… It’s as if it’s weaker than it used to be.

I was playing Hokkaido, and was trying to shoot the heart with the Silverballer. I had the cross-hairs lined up, shot it, but after 3 or 4 attempts, it never got it. (I resorted to throwing a PT in there, then shooting that). Well, I think I did get it, but it took way more shots than it used to in the 2016 version.

So, I don’t know if this is a bug, or just nerfing the Silverballer.


This is a really minor bug that I don’t expect to be fixed, but, sometimes, if the mini-map NPC icons are turned off, the mini-map target icons vanish, too. You have to mess with the toggles a bit to get it working properly.

Also, a question that I’m sure has been asked a lot:

Is the proximity taser broken? It seems to short out when anyone goes near it.

Edit: Oh, I just read the description. Has to be placed in water. Sorry.

Edit: Guards get knocked out when they handle it, too. Got it now. lol


There seems to be a bug with sniper assassin on Miami. Maybe It is just on Xbox, but I tried it 5 times now and never got sniper assassin. I even got a silent assassin/suit only and killed both with the sniper but still no sniper assassin.


Friend was playing the Miami mission, and Sierra Knox somehow ended up off the map after he killed Robert Knox with the car, then got in position at the hotel in the mascot costume for the blackmailer opportunity.


XBox/Sniper Assassin/Santa Fortuna/Master difficulty. Completed but challenge will not unlock.

I’ve run it many times and several of these runs were DEFINITLY done perfectly. I botched the screen recording on the Xbox. But you will have to take my word for it.

Never spotted except for the final target whom I immediately shoot in the face. He is absolutely the only witness to his own death. I make sure of it. I disable cameras right at the start so I don’t even get spotted by cameras.

Just a side note: (after I completed one of my perfect attempts runs of this, the score details listed 10xp for a guard headshot…most definitly didn’t shoot a guard in the head by accident. Would be impossible)

I’m sure this is a known issue but there it is regardless.


That’s some light saber laser pointer. Where did the screen go? This happened yesterday. I waited until last minute to kill Faba and I did SA Piano Man. The screen disappeared.


This happens if you click Restart. If you Exit to Menu and restart the mission that way, then the screen will not disappear after the first slide. It’s a very peculiar bug, but alas! the ET has now gone.


Yeah, IO need to make the scoring issue their top priority, IMO.

The first time I played Miami I got spotted 3 times, yet received Silent Assassin.

Then yesterday I completed the level perfectly and got 4/5 stars.


#team3restarts! Lmao. I guess you restarted too?


Sierra’s skinny dipping. It’s a little-known fact that when you wear the Flamingo outfit for 30+ minutes and rub up against 100+ oblivious spectators you unlock the hidden “Pink ‘n’ Pervy” challenge.

I tried to complete it, but for some reason I just kept watching through my scope and not shooting until she got out and got dressed. lol


I have been grinding Guilded Cage for a few hours now. I have nearly all the challenges done and didn’t have any issues until about 10 min ago. The level has crashed 4 times in 10 min. I have hard restared my PS4 and got rid of any saves I had in that level. No luck.


This is either a bug or a gameplay oversight.

On Steam PC, “Three-Headed Serpent” mission, the hanging crate at the construction site can only be released using the switch. Shooting it doesn’t do anything, the part holding it up (which is breakable in other maps like Colorado) is indestructible here.

The switch cannot be shot or triggered in another way.

Throwing small objects to the top of the box can sometimes randomly cause the box to self-destruct, but if you land an explosive up there and the box somehow stays intact, igniting the explosive does not release the box nor destroy it.

Weird box.


I noticed mis-spellings and grammar issues as well. The elusive target had some in the intel description for Mark Faba.


It’s 47’s nose. S1 disguises don’t properly work in S2 and they never fixed that :c


I don’t know if it is intentional or time triggered but this happened.At Mumbai level I changed the potition of the crane, did other stuff and eliminated rangan at his tower.Then I saved at the top of the tower.When I load this or other auto previous saves the crane automatically falls at the boat instantly!!!(Ps4 Pro Gold edition physical)
Also at Sapienza golf coach has the water bottle stuck to his hand all the time even when talking to Francesca!!


I think there is something wrong with my game. Or at least with its shadows. I tried changing all the graphics settings one by one, but nothing changed this to looking normal. It was instantly like this when i first started the game. I can still play (obviously), but godddaaamn this is annoying af.

I´m on PC, playing through Steam.


The detailed XP screen on PC has two sets of text overlapping.


This happened to me with the nvidia 417.22 driver. I rolled back to 416.94 to fix it.


Same for me. Just started the game and it looks like this. =(